4 Downs: 4 Players On the Edge

It’s week 11 folks and that only means one thing… week 12 is next week! Just kidding, all joking aside the fantasy playoffs are looming large on the horizon and you need to be on top of your game to secure your spot.

With that in mind, you really can’t afford to have players let you down. I know that sounds simple but I know there’s a few of you still holding onto some sleepers hoping that this week will be THE week. This week on the 4 downs we will take a look at some players who will be making a last-ditch effort to make your playoff roster. This is the last week you can still be tinkering around with your line-up and so below are some of the hopefuls teetering on the edge of the waiver wire.

1st Down | Keenan Allen – WR, Los Angeles Chargers

Keenan Allen will have owners smiling the rest of the year.

I hold my hands up. I was so wrong about Keenan Allen this season. I thought he was a lock to be a WR1 and yet here we stand at week 11 and he is a WR3. What happened?!

Well having only got in the end zone once this season (in week 1 as well) may be a contributing factor perhaps. Rivers has been poleaxed game after game behind a makeshift offensive line and has no time to find his receivers. Allen has been at the mercy of the oppositions defensive line in that respect then and while he does have two 100+ yard receiving games, Allen hasn’t topped 70 receiving yards outside of those games.

Seeing as you will have spent a 2nd-4th round pick on Allen during your drafts I know you’re still holding on and hoping we will get vintage Keenan Allen back. In Week 11 he faces off against a Bills defense which has been struggling in the back end and so perhaps this could be his chance to save his roster spot. And for all your sakes I hope he does as he has a sweet playoff run against the Cowboys, Browns, Chiefs, and Jets, not so much a murderer’s row now is it.

2nd Down | Nelson Agholor – WR, Philadelphia Eagles

No storyline was more satisfying at the beginning of this season than Agholor’s redemption. After a torrid few years to begin his NFL career he finally found his hand’s again and started performing like a WR1.

However, as of late that lovely storyline has lost its luster. While he does have 5 touchdowns on the season, over the last two weeks Agholor has failed to top 40 yards receiving, which is especially concerning when one of those games was against the woeful San Francisco 49ers.

Having posted less than 6 points for two straight weeks, many Agholor owners will be starting to panic. This feeling of fantasy terror is even more justified when you consider Alshon Jeffrey has had 3 touchdowns in these same two weeks, showing Wentz’s allegiance maybe shifting to a new No. 1 WR.

Jeffrey is questionable to play in the Eagles week 11 matchup against the Cowboys on Sunday Night Football and with Wentz using TE Zach Ertz as his safety blanket and a game against the Seahawks defense next week, this is the week Agholor must show his talent once again.

3rd Down | Derek Carr – QB, Oakland Raiders

There’s no two ways about it, Carr and the Raiders have been a massive let down this season. After last year’s campaign, many thought that this would be an MVP level season for Carr and he would tear apart the AFC. Who would’ve thought that by week 11 Carr would be the QB21 and be fighting for his life in a Mexican standoff with Tom Brady’s Patriots.

Carr was being drafted as a top 5 quarterback in August and so his believers will be feeling significantly short-changed this year. In the last seven weeks, Carr has only thrown multiple TDs in a game one time and has a TD:INT ratio of 8:7, not good.

However, in the last 3 weeks, Carr has redeemed himself and thrown for over 300 yards in every game to go along with 5 touchdowns. If this trend continues on Sunday versus the Patriots in Mexico City then Carr would have thrown his name into the mix as the hottest waiver wire pick-ups for the fantasy playoffs. And while many of you may be panicking as Carr is playing New England, the Pats defense allow a touchdown on 22.7% of drives, which is the 5th worst in the NFL.

4th Down | Isaiah Crowell – RB, Cleveland Browns

Photo Credit: Keith Allison

Crowell, like Carr and Allen on this list, came with a hefty price tag and has not returned value for you. Before his last two outings, Crowell had not topped 12 fantasy points all season and didn’t breach the endzone until week 8, which is surprising for a so-called ‘goal-line back’.

While Crowell has not performed well this year, he has scored in both of his most recent games and last week against Detroit he racked up 90 rushing yards. Yes, he faces the Jaguars incredible defense in week 11 but if he can make it out with a respectable stat line then his playoff schedule is the Bengals, Chargers, Packers, Ravens, and Bears. Barring maybe one or two of those defenses the majority are in the bottom 5-10 teams in rushing defense.

If Crowell can manage to keep his touchdown streak going this week then his momentum should see him roll over weak defenses like the Bengals and Chargers in the playoff run-up.

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