2019 Fantasy Football Team Power Rankings: Part 5


We always see rankings about which team is the best in the NFL. Whether it be on offense or defense or even overall. But no one seems to do a power ranking of teams when it is related to fantasy football prospects.

Obviously, this is much more important than real life power rankings, so they need to be given their fair due. Over this six-part Tunnel Vision Exclusive, we are going to do just this for you. That’s right. It is going to give you the be all end all of fantasy power rankings. Ok, I may have oversold it a bit, but it is going to show who has the best fantasy relevant players that you should be looking at in drafts. In this fifth part of our power rankings, we will look at the “need help, “offensive situations.

Of course, fantasy is an offensive game, so this article will focus on offensive players, but for those of you who still think defenses have a place in leagues, I will additionally add my D/ST rankings at the end of the article. Where they belong.

(Editorial Note: These rankings do not take into account any rookies who may have joined the team through the draft or as an undrafted free agent. Rookie rankings are very loosey-goosey, and we genuinely do not know how they will perform until they do so in the NFL and not college. Therefore, these rankings will only take into account players who have already spent time in the league.

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Oakland Raiders

Amari Cooper left for a first-round pick, and Antonio Brown is in for a third and fifth round pick. Oh, and $50 million as well. Still, who knew John Gruden had any clue on how to coach. Every dog really does have his day, I guess.

With this did the Raiders jumped out of the bottom three in these rankings into a place closer to the middle of the pack. Derek Carr is still their quarterback, but on the bright side at least he isn’t his brother. Last season Derek Carr did not like throwing the ball more than seven yards downfield. While this was due to his lack of any receivers worth throwing to after the Amari Cooper trade, it severely hurt his fantasy value. With favorite target Jared Cook now with the Saints, Carr will have to rely on new targets to fill in. With Antonio Brown and Tyrell Williams, he should be just fine indeed.

Carr will have a much better season due to both Brown and Williams coming in but also the increased workload set to go to Jalen Richard with both the retirement of Marshawn Lynch and the achilleas tear suffered by Isaiah Crowell. Richard averaged six receptions per game over the second half of 2018 and with Williams as a speedster and Brown as still a top three NFL receiver these targets are sure to go up as defenses will have others to worry about. Doug Martin has come back due to the Crowell injury, but this is more a depth play than it is a challenger to any fantasy points for the others on the offense.

Antonio Brown, the diva he is, got his way and got out of Pittsburgh. This lowers him in a lot of rankings. Despite his talent, there is a steep drop off from Big Ben to Derek Carr, and this gets reflected in his price as well as in the price of Tyrell Williams. Brown is still a top 10 receiver and even a top-five receiver. But he is no longer the clear cut WR one for fantasy he has been. No longer a lock or even really a consideration to go in the first round he can now be had at the back end of the second round making him a steal for those who get him after securing a player like Todd Gurley or Alvin Kamara in round one. With Williams, he is a downfield threat catching passes from a quarterback with a strong arm but is unwilling to use it. He has dropped in his new home as he has seen a drop off in talent also going from Philip Rivers to Carr. Williams was a low-end WR three last season, and this again looks to be his ceiling this season in Oakland. If he gets to this point, it would be his absolute ceiling, but he should be drafted lower than this in redraft. Look for him starting in round eight or nine, but even there you can find a player with a higher potential. Players like DeSean Jackson in his return to Philadelphia or Golden Tate should be players in this range who can be and should be taken over Williams.

The backfield is in shambles with the injury to Crowell leading to the return of Doug Martin to the fold. Martin is not on the fantasy radar at this point just as he was not a factor last year. But Jalen Richard, on the other hand, should be on your radar. He has the pass-catching ability to be relevant in PPR leagues and will get enough carries to have limited value in standard leagues as well. If you are looking for an RB three or four on your roster he can be had late in drafts and could provide a good flex play if not needed in your RB slot.

***In one of only two times I will mention a rookie in this piece, Josh Jacobs should easily win this RB battle, and with his all-around ability, he could easily finish as a top 20 RB this season for fantasy. While this takes value from Doug Martin and any hope for Chris Warren, Jalen Richard will still have value as the most likely committee back with Jacobs and should still be a draft thought in the 11th or 12th round. ***

Detroit Lions

2018 was a down year for the Lions who went 6-10 and finished last in the NFC North. Not only was it bad for them but it was equally as bad for Matthew Stafford who struggled all season.

Finishing with 3,777 pass yards 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions he was a major disappointment for any fantasy player who took him in hopes of cashing in big on a late round quarterback with weapons in Golden Tate, Marvin Jones Jr., and Kenny Golladay.

By seasons end Jones Jr. was hurt and Tate was on the Eagles as the Lions were left with only Golladay and LeGarrette Blount to handle the ball. Kerryon Johnson finally gave Detroit a running back worth taking in fantasy drafts, but injuries limited him late in the season. Coming into 2019 he is going in the third round of drafts, and he should provide value if not excellent value at this price. A top 20 RB if healthy the third round is suitable for a starting running back and with the only other RB of note on the roster being C.J. Anderson he does not have a challenger to overtake him on the chart. While Anderson may come in and take some work in the red zone, Johnson is still going to be the man between the twenties and despite some touchdowns possibly being vulture his production will not suffer to such an extent as to worry. Anderson had a great close to 2018 with the Rams as the ailing Todd Gurley was relegated to a secondary role leading up to the Super Bowl. But Anderson is just a jag and while his run was incredible to listen to it was nothing something, he will be able to sustain. Hence the minimal contract and even more minimal teams who were looking to sign him in free agency.

In the receiving game Marvin Jones Jr., although coming off an injury-shortened season is only one season removed from a top 12 finish at the wide receiver position for fantasy. If Stafford gets back on track this season, it will take more than Golladay in the offense to do so. Jones and Golladay will both have weeks as the number one receiver on the team there for the best value pick should be the one chosen. Jones Jr. is currently being taken a full two rounds later than Golladay, and therefore he is the value and the one to be targeted. Danny Amendola was added in free agency to hopefully provide a possession receiver which was lacking after the Golden Tate trade to the Eagles. If he can stay on the field, he could have minor value but nothing worth using a draft pick on in standard-sized leagues. If you are in deeper leagues, you could take him as WR six but don’t look to find a hidden gem out of him. Instead, just hope you don’t come up fool’s gold.

Stafford should rebound and with the defense hopefully getting better through free agency additions, there will be less pressure on the offense to put up 40 points weekly to win. This will lead to a better game plan and a varied attack meaning enough to go around for all in the offense.

The targets on the team should be Johnson, Jones Jr. and then Golladay and when it comes to Stafford? He should have a better season and bounce back. This is not to say he is a top 10 guy, but top 15 is in the cards, and after last season all we can say is we hope so.

New York Jets

Sam Darnold had an up and down rookie season, and this was expected as he was the youngest quarterback to ever take a snap in the NFL. Coming into year two, we hope to see a progression from him. Especially considering the past track record of USC quarterbacks and their success rate in the NFL as of late. Matt Barkley, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Cody Kessler, Matt Cassel and who can forget John David Booty. You get the picture, right?

One thing to put your hat on if you are a Jets or Darnold fan is although he was as highly touted as some of these players he didn’t act entitled and by most accounts is a good locker room buy. With Weapons surrounding him from Le’Veon Bell at running back and Robbie Anderson and Quincy Enunwa at wide receiver, he has the tools on offense to be successful. Add to this the addition of Jamison Crowder and having a tight end in Chris Herndon actually worth using and the offense could just be alright.

When it comes to where Darnold should be drafted for fantasy purposes. He falls in a large tier in the 12 to 24 range. With players like Jimmy Garoppolo, Tom Brady and Marcus Mariota, he is not a sure-fire every week starter, but if you are looking for a steady player with no flash and quite honestly no real high ceiling for this season, Darnold could be a late round QB to build your team around. Just make sure you use the draft savings wisely.

After sitting out a season in 2018 Le’ Veon Bell comes to New York to try and prove he is an elite RB and not just the product of a great offensive line in Pittsburgh. He is going to find it hard to do so with his running style behind this line. He will not be as good with the Jets as he was with the Steelers. But this does not mean he will bust. It just means temper your expectations a bit. He will no longer be in contention for the RB one in fantasy, but he should still be a top 12 back and even possibly a top six if things fall right. After screwing those of you who drafted him at number one or two overall in 2018, it is nice to see him now at the beginning of the second round. Here he can provide a lot of value as a second pick to a team who selects either a wide receiver in round one or another RB like Joe Mixon Jr. or Melvin Gordon. He is not a bargain, but at a second-round price he is good value, and he could outperform this spot. And isn’t that really what we are looking for?

With Robbie Anderson and Quincy Enunwa as the 1-2 for the Jets, there is a lot of talent but also a lot of risk. Enunwa gas not been able to stay healthy for a whole season but the new four-year contract he signed shows the team still has a belief he is going to do so finally. Robbie Anderson had some legal troubles before last season, and it looks like nothing will be happening with those, although you can never be sure. Anderson can be a deep threat the Jets need in order to open the underneath up for both Enunwa and newly acquired Jamison Crowder who they signed from Washington to come to be another weapon for their young quarterback.

While depth he will bring, the players to really own in the group are still Anderson and Enunwa. Both can have solid seasons as Darnold tries to get better and if you can get them as your WR three or four, they could bring back good return as even a flex play for you. Crowder will not have the connection with Darnold the other two already have, and he could take into the season to develop a rapport. Look for him later in drafts or as a waiver wire add in season.

At the tight end position, Chris Herndon is a young player a lot of people are drawn towards. And rightly so. As a rookie TE in an offense not known to utilize the position, Herndon had 39 receptions, 502 yards and four touchdowns playing in all 16 games. Not flashy and not anything to write home about for sure but at a non-premium position you can get him late in drafts, and he can finish in the top 10 for the season. Again, it is not always about taking the best player, especially at these non-premium positions. It is about getting these players at a value so you can build a stronger team at more important positions. Like kicker and defense.

San Francisco 49ers

Is Jimmy Garoppolo a good quarterback? The answer is we don’t know. But the 49ers seem to think so which means no matter what we think he is going to get his chance to prove himself. He signed a massive extension before last season, but it can be gotten out of by San Francisco after this season without issue if he fails to live up to the hype.

Another player on the roster who needs to prove himself and whose contract ends after this season is Jerick McKinnon. When drafted to the Vikings he was anointed the heir apparent to Adrian Peterson. Then he ran into an issue. Matt Asiata. Meaning that despite his overhyped SPARK score, he was still less talented then yes, Matt Asiata. He also could not stay on the field due to health. So, enter San Francisco stage left to offer him a big contract for the 2018 season.

After starting off strong, for a day or two, he immediately tore his ACL and again proved himself less durable than a dollar store garbage can liner. This left the RB job in the hands of a platoon of backs including Raheem Mostert, Jeff Wilson and Matt Breida who seemingly defied impending death every week to stay on the field and have a surprisingly productive season.

This season add to the mix Tevin Coleman who is coming off a lousy season still has a history with Kyle Shanahan and could end up being the lead back in a for sure committee backfield. McKinnon has proved again to be a jag and Matt Breida, while solid is not unique making them ok picks as an RB three in leagues. But don’t count on them weekly for a start. Tevin Coleman is a little better possibly being an RB two but a very low one at that. This entire backfield is a mess, and it will be hard to figure it out unless someone really separates themselves in the preseason. Sadly enough, this could even be Raheem Mostert. Wouldn’t this be a real kick in the ketchup?

The receivers leave a lot to be desired in San Francisco. Pierre Garcon is mercifully gone, Dante Pettis is likely the number one although he is not the prototypical player for the position and Marquise Goodwin is Olympic level fast but also has more bumps and bruises than the track he runs on. This makes a stellar season by Jimmy G not likely and could drag down his value right alone with this group. Unless you think he can make these guys better, which we have not been able to see thus far in his career.

Pettis, in 12 games last season only had 27 catches although he turned these into 5 touchdowns and 17.3 yards per catch this is not a practical level to sustain. With his speed, he could attain the 17 yards average but the almost 20% touchdown rate will not be there and being a deep threat means his reception numbers will never be what you truly look for in a WR one. While he and Goodwin may be competing for the teams, WR one neither should be taken close to a WR one in drafts. Instead, they should be taken in the WR 3 area with the possible ascension to WR two levels depending on the ability of Garoppolo to find them.

Garoppolo himself falls into the late teens in the QB rankings for fantasy. Unlike last season when he was being taken as QB eight due to a lot of hype, the hype is not there this season, and this means his price has finally fallen to or should we say it corrected itself to an appropriate level in the 10th and 11th round.

Saving the best for last. Not only the best on the team but at the end of the season quite possibly the TE one for fantasy. George Kittle had one of two historic tight end seasons in 2018. While Zach Ertz was setting the receptions record for the position, Kittle was somewhat quietly setting the yardage record at the position.

His 88 receptions for 1,377 yards was incredible, and with Garoppolo back there is also a chance to increase his five touchdowns from last season. This alone could make him the TE one at seasons end and even if he doesn’t get to the top of the heap his floor is seemingly TE three. If you take an elite tight end early to get the added advantage, you can’t go wrong whether you choose Ertz, Kittle or Kelce. If you want to get any of them though it will cost, you a second-round pick. So, tread lightly if you decide to go for it.

Buffalo Bills

Of all the shocking things we saw out of rookies last season, the most surprising could have been from Josh Allen. No, not his throwing ability but instead his running ability for the Bills. Even with a once great runner like LeSean McCoy on the team, Allen still led the Bills in rush yards and rush touchdowns on the season.

While playing in 12 games and starting 11, Josh Allen recorded 631 yards and eight touchdowns on 89 carries from the quarterback. This number will go down in 2019 as hopefully, McCoy can partner with Frank Gore and TJ Yeldon to provide some relief in the backfield. If the team can do this, it will do wonders for Allen and his progression to be a solid starter for years to come. If his completion percentage stays at the 52% from last season and his yardage and touchdown numbers do not improve from 2,074 and 10 respectively, it does not matter how good his arm is or how much he can run he will not make it in the NFL. With Reuben Foster and Zay Jones already in Buffalo, the team tried their best in free agency to give Josh Allen some players to help with this improvement.

John Brown was signed after a lost season with Lamar Jackson in Baltimore and will provide, along with Foster, a speedy deep threat who Josh Allen can hit to spread out the defenses so Jones and another free agent signing in Cole Beasley can do damage in the short and intermediate pass game. While none of these players are significant, they could all compliment each other nicely, and unfortunately, this also means cannibalize each other nicely. The man with the most upside in this group is likely to be Brown or Jones, but none of these players is more than a fantasy WR three when push comes to shove. While Brown has the highest touchdown, potential Jones is really the guy to look at. As a possession receiver, he will get the most targets on the team, and therefore will also have the most catches for the PPR leagues most of us play in. He is also going in later rounds then Brown meaning, again, his return on investment is going to be higher as well. At the tight end position, the Bills brought in Tyler Kroft from the Bengals and signed him to a three-year contract. Yes, this makes him the starter in Buffalo, but no, it does not mean you need to start him on your team whether you live in Buffalo or not. Charles Clay was irrelevant the past two seasons, and this will continue in 2019 unless Kroft somehow turns out to be Rob Gronkowski reincarnate.

Josh Allen should take a step up in 2019 as he gets more comfortable in the offense and as the Bills brought in six new offensive linemen to try to fix the blocking in front of him. This could lead to Josh Allen finishing in the top 10 for fantasy quarterbacks if he even retains half of his rush numbers from his rookie campaign. Even if he doesn’t though, he should still be in the top 16 and will be a solid choice to use each week as a 12th round draft pick.

The run game should make you nervous. Frank Gore may be old, but anywhere he goes he gets work. Maybe not a ton of work, but enough to be a fantasy nuisance for owners of his backfield counterpart. Add to this TJ Yeldon signing from the Jaguars and the only sure bet in this group is that they are old, slow and no one will know how to figure them. LeSean McCoy is the safest play here, but he is no longer the RB one he was just a few years ago. Now he is more in the low-end RB two area along with the likes of Mark Ingram and, dare I say, even Jerick McKinnon.

Tennessee Titans

Marcus Mariota was supposed to have a good season in 2018. Maybe he would have if he could avoid the injury bug. Unfortunately, he is never able to do this. Whether it be his hamstring or his weakened hand, something always seems to hinder him from completing what people want from him. This year will likely be no different making him an ok play for two-QB or super flex leagues but in one-QB formats if he is your starting quarterback you need help.

We finally saw at the end of last season the Titans ability to realize they should be a run first team with Derek Henry. If this isn’t enough to scare, you away then look at his receiving group. There is Corey Davis who has been nothing special since being drafted and an aging tight end coming off a severe ankle injury in Delanie Walker.

Walker is back and could return to prominence in the Titans offense, but with Corey Davis being disappointing since being drafted and Derek Henry looking to get a full workload finally this means a low volume offense and not much room for fantasy goodness from the quarterback or the receivers. Luckily Davis is no longer going in the fourth round because of potential. He has finally fallen to a respectful eighth round price, and this does make him much more attractive to draft. He will be the number one on the team even if it is low-volume and this could give him a path to WR two for fantasy this season. The real WR to own here, both because of his lower cost and his talent is free agent signing Adam Humphries. Not only does he come in with a shiny new contract, but he comes in off a season in Tampa Bay where he compiled 76 receptions for 816 yards and five touchdowns. This while competing with much better talent in Chris Godwin, Mike Even, DeSean Jackson and for most of the season O.J. Howard. The talent in Tennessee leaves a lot more to be desired then this, and he will find himself as the number two target instead of the third, fourth, or even fifth option in some cases. While Davis has a chance to finish as a WR two, so does Humphries. And at a cost two rounds lower then Davis he should be snapped up if you see him there in the ninth round. Don’t wait too long and miss out. Because if you do, you will definingly miss out on what could be a great season.

Derek Henry has moved up drastically over the past year. After showing his abilities down the stretch last season, he has risen into the top three rounds of fantasy drafts, and with his workload expected to be that of a true starting back, this price should be just fine for him. His yards per carry will never be solid, but in leagues where you get points per carry, he could be a top 10 play. Otherwise, expect him to be a top 18 RB at the end of the season.

Arizona Cardinals

In only the second time where I feel it is appropriate to mention an incoming rookie, after the trade of Josh Rosen to the Dolphins, the starting quarterback for the Cardinals will be number one overall pick, Kyler Murray. After being drafted number nine overall in baseball, it was thought his year of playing at Oklahoma was just to get the college experience. After winning the Heisman and leading the Sooners to the BCS playoffs, it was clear he also had a future in football.

Enter Kliff Kingsbury to the Cardinals and his day one love of Murray, and it was clear he was the man making Rosen the odd man out in the desert.

At 5’10 and 200 pounds, Murray is not the prototype NFL quarterback. He is the first QB under 6’ tall to ever be taken in the first-round, but the league is changing, and he may just be the next big thing. He has the athleticism and arm talent of Mike Vick, but he has the accuracy of a much better quarterback due to his baseball days.

He immediately comes in as the starter in Arizona and could potentially, much like Baker Mayfield from Oklahoma last season have an immediate top 15 finish at QB.

The real winner in the draft is the surrounding weapons as they will have a much better talent throwing them the ball. Larry Fitzgerald may be in his final season in the NFL before he retires to the Hall of Fame, but he is going to go out on a high note. After a miserable season all around last season, he came back for one more and should easily finish as the WR one on the young team as well as mentor the younger players including last season’s rookie pick Christian Kirk. Fitzgerald will finish in the area of a wide receiver three and quite possibly a wide receiver two at as the slot man catching the quick throws from a scrambling Murray. Kirk, still learning for another season will have a WR four season and if gotten late enough in the draft could even provide some good value for you in the pass game. Although he may be better used in best ball drafts as much like a DeSean Jackson or Reuben Foster his boom weeks will be unpredictable, to say the least.

Everyone thinks David Johnson had a bad season in 2018. Was it a down year? Yes. But not bad. He still finished as the RB 10 in PPR leagues, and he was the only RB to handle over 70% of his teams touches out of the backfield. He is the man in Arizona and in the air raid attack being brought in by Kingsbury the running back of note is heavily utilized. Especially a pass-catching back with the hands like David Johnson. While he is in the top 10 in most rankings, he is currently number five in mine, and I would take him over a player like Melvin Gordon or even Le’ Veon Bell when it comes to drafts. We don’t really know what Bell is going to be after a year away and Melvin Gordon has only played a full season once in his career thus far. Johnson is more durable and a safer play, but he also has the higher ceiling as we saw just three seasons ago his 20 touchdowns for the Cardinals and in this offense, it could happen again. And don’t count out a 1,000-yards rushing and receiving year either. He has the talent and now the coach to make it happen.

Miami Dolphins

With the trade of Josh Rosen to the team and the signing of Ryan Fitzpatrick, the quarterback room in Miami should be a fun place. Whether talking politics or eating cake, there will be a lot of hands flying around the room. But the biggest question we need to be answered is who will be the starter.

More than likely the trade means it will be Rosen as he is cheap and if the Dolphins really want to see whether to use a pick on a QB in 2020, they need to see what he has. We saw in Tampa Bay last season that Fitzpatrick can be a solid starter in the NFL still and if things go wrong the Dolphins can bring him in. But they need to rely on Rosen first and foremost. This means a lot of nothing for fantasy points from the offense.

If you were excited to see what Albert Wilson would do coming back from injury this has gone the way of the Gremlin as unlike Fitzpatrick, Rosen is going to do more things underneath and not over the top. This also kills the dreams of any Kenny Stills owners as the number one receiver for Miami last season will more than likely now take a backseat to newly re-signed Devante Parker will try to prove himself before the team finally tires of his untapped potential and parts ways. The two players who retain some significance in this offense will be Kenyon Drake and Mike Gesicki.

The entire city of Miami and the rest of the Dolphins in the world rejoiced when Adam Gase was finally fired by the team. No one was doing more backflips and cheering then Kenyon Drake. He was a superior talent to Frank Gore in 2018 and despite this was stuck below him on the depth chart for the majority of the season. Does anyone else think Gase was trying to get fired?

Drake will come into 2019 as the lead back and with Calvin Ballage not being a true threat to overtake him, his draft price in the fourth round is well warranted and safe as your RB two or even RB one if you went WR heavy first. With the work set to come his way Drake is set to gain over 1,000 yards finally and should garner eight to 10 rushing touchdowns in a crappy offense which is trying so hard to stay bad and rebuild through the draft.

Mike Gesicki was the most athletic TE in the draft last season, and although unable to show it last season, 2019 could be different. We saw in Arizona last season when Josh Rosen was looking for something, he tried to find Ricky Seals-Jones, and Gesicki is a much better player. Coming from Penn State, the 6’6 TE is a huge target as the pocket breaks down around Rosen. This could lead him to become a fringe TE one for fantasy and to come at a price of basically free, he allows you to fill in around him on your roster making him an even better investment for you. He will not finish top three or even top five, but in the last round or as a streamer, you could do worse than finding the TE 12 to 15.

Baltimore Ravens

Joe Flacco is gone, and Lamar Jackson is in for the Ravens. Whether you like Jackson or not this is for sure a significant change for everyone in Baltimore for fantasy.

While Flacco could not run and loved to use the tight end position, Jackson can’t throw and loves to run.

After taking over for Flacco halfway through the 2018 season, Lamar Jackson averaged 13 completions per game and 17 rush attempts. He is not a thrower of the ball and his only hope of having a fantasy relevant WR in to find someone fast enough to run under some deep throws Jackson Heaves while scrambling. And hopefully not fumbling.

Davante Adams only had one week in 2018 in which he did not amass 15 fantasy points, and this was Week 17 when he didn’t play. The Ravens entire WR group averaged 16 points per week in 2018. This does not bode well for the offense, and with John Brown off to Buffalo, this leaves Willie Snead as the only WR on the roster who has a chance of fantasy impact. By impact, I mean an opportunity to be a WR four if all things come together. The tight end position has some good talent in Mark Andrews and Hayden Hurst but again with Jackson at QB their value is no more than a streaming option at the position.

The only area which improved under Jackson was the run game. The Ravens were second in the league to only the Seahawks in run plays per game, and with Mark Ingram coming in to solidify the starters role from the litany of imposters last season, this could go up even higher.

The league now has a year of tape on the mobile Jackson, and this will lower his effectiveness in the run game and make him prove he can throw the ball. This could be his downfall as well as the downfall of the Ravens as an offense. It will be crucial for the run game to get going behind Mark Ingram who comes in after two seasons as a committee back in New Orleans with Alvin Kamara. Although a committee back he still finished 2017 as RB six and in only 12 games last season as RB 20. With the added volume set to come this season, Ingram should easily be a top 20 back yet again and could challenge for a low-end RB one ranking. Add to him Gus Edwards and Kenneth Dixon in lesser roles, and you could have three players who all finish as an RB three or higher on the same roster. Edwards was a nice story in 2018, but with Ingram in and Dixon still manning the pass down work, Edwards is the least likely to be of fantasy value and should either remain undrafted or be taken as a last round flier in case of an injury. Even then there are better players to use this pick on as Ingram has been durable in his career, and even if Dixon gets hurt, a lot of this work would also fall to Ingram as another quality pass-catching back.

Lamar Jackson produces all of his fantasy value with his legs. This season, as stated, this is going to trend downwards as defenses have had an entire offseason to prepare and adjust. Just like the wildcat formation, the success of Jackson will not sustain, and his floor is extremely low, and his ceiling is close to that of QB 10 but not much higher. At the area of the draft, he is going there are better options at QB with much higher upside. Players like Jameis Winston, Josh Allen or even Andy Dalton are far more appealing picks rather than gambling on him.

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