2019 Fantasy Football Team Power Rankings: Part 6


We always see rankings about which team is the best in the NFL. Whether it be on offense or defense or even overall. But no one seems to do a power ranking of teams when it is related to fantasy football prospects.

Obviously, this is much more important than real life power rankings, so they need to be given their fair due. Over this six-part Tunnel Vision Exclusive, we are going to do just this for you. That’s right. It is going to give you the be all end all of fantasy power rankings. Ok, I may have oversold it a bit, but it is going to show who has the best fantasy relevant players that you should be looking at in drafts. In this sixth part of our power rankings, we will look at the “Oi Vay,” offensive situations and D/ST rankings.

Of course, fantasy is an offensive game, so this article will focus on offensive players, but for those of you who still think defenses have a place in leagues, I will additionally add my D/ST rankings at the end of the article. Where they belong.

(Editorial Note: These rankings do not take into account any rookies who may have joined the team through the draft or as an undrafted free agent. Rookie rankings are very loosey-goosey, and we genuinely do not know how they will perform until they do so in the NFL and not college. Therefore, these rankings will only take into account players who have already spent time in the league.

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Jacksonville Jaguars

It is just an excepted fact Nick Foles will be better than Blake Bortles. But what if he isn’t?

The offense has made no upgrades to help him, and if TJ Yeldon signs with another team, it is conceivable the offense may have actually gotten worse than last season. While bringing in no new wide receivers as of yet, the only differences in the passing game are the losses of Donte Moncrief and Austin Seferian-Jenkins to free agency. This means the weapons for what they were in Philadelphia last season for Foles are still considerably better than what Foles currently has to work within Jacksonville.

While Leonard Fournette is an upgrade over the rush attack, it is not nearly the upgrade the Jaguars were hoping for after taking Fournette at number four overall in the NFL Draft. His maturity and work ethic are consistently in question. Leading to the voiding of all remaining guaranteed money on his contract. He is also not improving in two other vital areas he was hoping to be effective in for the team. Pass catching ability as well as, even more importantly, durability.

He seems to sit out for the most mundane reasons. Whether it be the cold weather in Cleveland or coming back from injury to get in a fight and miss another game. These reasons, along with the ineffectiveness of the offense as a whole, make Fournette a scary pick in the top three rounds of a fantasy draft. Just as frightening, if not more so in dynasty league drafts where you may be stuck trying to sell him for pennies on the dollar after another miserable season and a move to a new team.

Nick Foles could be an intriguing late-round quarterback especially in super flex or other two-quarterback leagues. In one quarterback leagues, while the value might be there, the results may not be. It would be better to take him off the waiver heap for a mid-season stream rather than draft him.

There is not even a tight end on the roster worth mentioning until we see what happens in the draft and even then, most tight ends take at minimum two but more than likely three seasons to fully produce for fantasy. Yes, this includes Geoff Swaim for those curious minds. As for wide receiver you could do worse with a late round draft pick than Dede Westbrook as by the end of 2018, he was the WR one on the team and no matter the offense the WR one has some value. Don’t take him to high or expect too much, but if you are looking for a fourth or fifth receiver in the 11th or 12th round, Westbrook could be a guy who could provide some boom games. As long as you are willing to put up with a lot of bust games as well.

Speaking of boom or bust, this is what you can also expect from Leonard Fournette. This makes him a dangerous pick for any fantasy team at his current ADP of RB 13. If he falls to the fourth or fifth round and is your second or preferably your third RB, fine, take a chance. But if you went WR heavy or WR and Patrick Mahomes and he is your RB one? I would instead take someone more durable and with more pass-catching upside. Mark Ingram or Sony Michel would be much better at this point.

Denver Broncos

Out with Case Keenum, In with Joe Flacco.

It is an upgrade but not much of one. With Phillip Lindsay coming into the season injured and Emmanuel Sanders trying to come back at his age from an ACL tear this could be a long season for Broncos fans.

We know Flacco has an arm, but the problem in Denver is there is no one to catch it. Courtland Sutton had a solid first half of his rookie season as the number three and after the Demaryius Thomas trade the number two receiver. But, after the injury to Sanders, Sutton could not handle being the number one. If Sanders is limited, he will again be thrust into this position, which is being shown by his correct fifth-round draft price in fantasy drafts. This is an over-inflated price, which will make his return on this investment meager. Especially when compared to a Golden Tate in the ninth round or even a Kenny Stills in double-digit rounds with Ryan Fitzpatrick flinging him the ball in Miami.

The real value on the Broncos offense could be DaeSean Hamilton whom by many accounts, including that of Mike Clay, should finish the season at the number one in Denver. All be it only with 700 receiving yards. But that said, his draft price makes him a solid pick as a wide receiver five or a flex play in deeper leagues.

When it comes to the running game, Lindsay had a good rookie season. However, with his size of only 180 pounds, he is not made to hold up to a significant workload. His price, currently the RB 18, ahead of players like Kerryon Johnson, Jordan Howard, and Mark Ingram is far too rich for my taste and at this price, much like Sutton, should be avoided.

Royce Freeman, on the other hand, could be a reliable late pickup for you in drafts as much like James Conner last season, should Lindsay falter or not be healthy, he will be the guy there and could provide much needed upside potential from a late round guy. He was supposed to be the starter last season coming out of Oregon but was beaten out until he started to get more usage down the stretch. If the roles reverse this season, he could have a breakout which could take you into the playoffs and to a possible championship.

As for Mr. Flacco? If you are not desperate or in a two QB league, don’t draft him. See how he starts the season and pick him up off waivers if he starts off good.

Washington Redskins

What is there to say about the team who plays home games in the nation’s capital. The team is as messed up as the city, and the owner is, well, we will leave that one alone.

They don’t have a quarterback, their best player from last season in Jamison Crowder is now on the Jets. Their best player left is a 30 something running back who faded down the stretch last season.

If Antonio Brown can end up in Oakland and be happy and the Browns can be favorites to win the AFC North than anything is possible. But this may be too much. Washington is untalented, has bad coaching and worst of all lousy ownership. If Derrius Guice can come back, he could provide a light at the end of the tunnel. But it is a very long tunnel with many obstacles to maneuver. We have seen in recent seasons with the likes of Allen Robinson, Carson Wentz, and Delvin Cook it takes a reasonable amount of time to come back from an ACL injury fully. Having to take Guice in the fourth round of fantasy drafts is much too high of a price to risk on a supposedly talented player whom we have never seen be talented before.

If, and only if, you want to take a risk on any player in this offense take a late round flier on Trey Quinn. He will not cost anything, and he is going to be taking over the slot role which was left open by the departure of Jamison Crowder. Other than him? Tread lightly, my friend.

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