4 Downs: Week 5 Flamethrowers

If you’ve listened to the Fantasy Hot Read podcast (which if you haven’t done so yet then go do that right now) then you may recall a segment called ‘Flamethrowers from Across the Pond’. During this short-lived segment, I, a man who heralds from the United Kingdom, would provide ridiculous fantasy predictions for the week ahead.

With Brexit on the horizon I feel that what the UK and America needs more than anything else is a British Skip Bayliss. If a guy with a funny accent can rile up you Yanks for a minute or two by spouting the hottest of fantasy takes then surely both Twitter and the world will soon become a better place.

1st Down | Jermaine Kearse – Top 5 WR

Yes, Jermaine Kearse is on the Jets and yes, Josh McCown is his quarterback, however with a week 5 opponent in the Cleveland Browns, don’t be surprised to see Kearse at the top of the score boards.

Since arriving in the Big Apple this offseason Kearse has been a revelation in New York. After purging their roster of aging WRs this summer, Kearse has had no problems filling the vacant No.1 receiver role for the Jets.

Kearse and McCown have already shown great chemistry so far in this up and down season for the Jets and he has produced in the end zone also, snatching 2 touchdowns in week 2 against the Raiders ailing defense.

With no real threat to his volume, Kearse and the Jets should be in for a field day against another poor defense in the Browns. I am expecting another multiple touchdown game from Kearse today and I expect that to vault him right to the top of the week 5 wide receiver ranks.

2nd Down | Don’t play ANY Raiders players this week

This may seem like a puzzling hot take due to the fact the Ravens themselves, the Raiders week 5 opponents, were recently dismantled by the Jaguars in my back yard. However, the Ravens struggles have almost exclusively existed on offense and their defense has played as well as they could to cover over the worst passing attack in the NFL.

Keith Allison

This same defense was in fact last year’s top ranked rushing defense and routinely held teams under 70 yards rushing. Beast Mode’s return to Oakland so far has been a rollercoaster and week 5 is shaping up to be another fall for his production.

Not only will the Raiders struggle to run the ball against this tough front 7 but with their star QB Derek Carr likely side-lined with a spinal fracture it appears E.J. Manuel will be orchestrating the once fantasy abundant Raiders O.

With this in mind don’t expect either Michael Crabtree or Amari Cooper to perform this week and as a general rule I would try and avoid any and all Raiders players this week, a strange statement when you consider the hype surrounding this offense this summer.

3rd Down | Brian Hoyer – Top 10 QB

With Hoyer already surprising the fantasy community with a stellar performance against the Rams, I’m expecting another top performance from him against this struggling Colts team.

Hoyer is facing up against the 30th ranked defense in the league and he has already proven the damage he can do to better teams when the opportunity is right. If the 49ers rely on Carlos Hyde to force the Colts to commit to stopping the run then Hoyer and Shanahan will have all day in the pocket to find Pierre Garçon and co.

While this appears to be a match-up between two bad teams, that often results in a shoot-out and shoot-outs mean big fantasy production for all involved (except D/STs obviously. I’m expecting Hoyer to go over 300 yards again and wind up with 3+ total TDs.

4th Down | The Texans will finally contain Kareem Hunt

With Deshaun Watson looking like a home-run pick, the excitement and expectation in Houston has not been this high for a while. Long have we said that this stacked team on both sides of the ball just needed a decent QB to finally be taken seriously. This game is the perfect game for the new look Texans to make a statement in.

Facing up against the Chiefs and their No. 2 offense in the NFL the Texans will be looking to halt the hottest team in the league. The Chiefs have so far been led to an undefeated September by rookie sensation and No. 2 overall fantasy player Kareem Hunt. The unknown entity has caused problems for teams both on the ground and through the air but the Texans and their 5th ranked defense certainly have the tools to restrain him.

Holding opponents to under 100 yards rushing on the season and under 3.7 yards per carry, the Texans defense will certainly be focused on controlling Hunt in this game. While I don’t expect Hunt to be shut down completely, I wouldn’t be surprised to see him held under 80 scrimmage yards and be kept out of the end zone.


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