Aaron Rodgers

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What Does His Signing Mean?

When the best player in the NFL re-signs with his team for four more seasons, you may not think much would change. Well in some cases this is true and in others not so much.

While the signing means great things for all of the weapons on offense, the structure of the signing is what really matters. Davante Adams is signed for three more seasons to remain the number one receiver in the offense, Jamal Williams and Aaron Jones will remain for three more seasons also under rookie contracts. With Randall Cobb hanging on at the moment, look for the team to sign Geronimo Allison to an extension soon at a rate much lower than Cobb giving them even more money to surround Rodgers with.

So far in his tenure with the Packers, Rodgers has been underutilized to the point where he only has one Super Bowl to his record. With this new contract giving him all the money, he will ever want, it also does one more thing., it gives them the money to go and upgrade the defense. A defense whom, under Don Capers, kept getting worse by the season. With new coordinator Mike Pettine Jr. in and Capers out the defense will get better especially if money is spent on the parts needed. As we have seen in recent weeks, the Raiders are willing to entertain trade discussions for Khalil Mack, although they refuse to hold discussions with Mack himself over a new contract. This said the Packers now have the money needed to trade for Mack and sign him to a contract in the $22 to $23 million a year average he is looking for. Another thing the Packers have which the Raiders may want are old players. While this may not happen, just imagine if they worked out a trade to have Arron Rodgers leading the team and Khalil Mack anchoring the defense for the next six seasons.

Being as John Gruden said, we were bad with you, we can be just as bad without you, I don’t think Mack really wants to return to the Oakland Grudens. With a trade of perhaps Randall Cobb making room for Allison in the starting lineup, both of these issues could be easily solved.

The Aaron Rodgers signing, much like the Odell Beckham Jr. signing was never not going to get done. Now that it is, don’t screw it up by not getting the defense needed to put the Packers over the top in the NFC. Besides, Packers fans, which would you rather have, Khalil Mack or Randall Cobb and a first-round pick in 2019?

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