Big Names, Low Prices

By: Dominick Petrillo

Most if not all trade deadlines are in the past for this season. But for your dynasty or keeper league players, there may still be some trades you can make to get better for the future.

Of course, everyone will want to go trade for Dalvin Cook or Alvin Kamara. Good Luck. I want them to. It is not happening. At least for any price you should pay. Instead, let us look at some big names who can be gotten on the cheap – but who are also set for a bounce back.

We are going to look at a trio of big names whom you may be able to get for relatively cheap.

Ezekiel Elliott |RB| Dallas Cowboys
Last week was the first time Elliott breaking the 100-yard mark since the injury to Dak Prescott. It was great to see him back on the stat sheet with a receiving TD also. Something is sorely missing the past year and a half.

Moving forward this season, it is going to be tough for Elliott to garner any high praise. The offensive line is decimated, and the QB position is, well, Andy Dalton. So do not expect a late-year resurgence from him. Next year is a different story.

Prescott should be back to start the year in 2021. Along with this, C.D. Lamb will only get better in his second year, and the offensive line will be revamped. Who knows, they may even work on that defense.

This said, Elliott, is a beautiful buy-low candidate for dynasty managers. Not only is he the clear number one in the run game, but this season was also the first time he has ever missed games due to injury in his career. He is incredibly reliable, and Prescott will be counting on him. Not just to ease the burden from him in the pass and run game. Also, for his pass blocking ability. Something remarkable since coming into the league.

Elliott is not highly sought after. His value is declining due to the production Tony Pollard is putting up as his backup. Despite this, he is still a great asset moving forward. He will still remain a top-level RB for three or four more seasons. We hope. And this makes him someone you should definitely target in your dynasty leagues and keeper leagues. In any re-draft leagues who still have trades going, I would stay away.

Marquise Brown |WR| Baltimore Ravens
His year has been crap. Plain and simple, the Ravens are a run-first team, which is to the detriment of Hollywood.

After averaging more than four catches per game and seven targets in 2019, Brown is averaging just over three catches on less than six targets in 2020.

The team, as a whole, has regressed. Lamar Jackson, the number one QB of the board in fantasy drafts, is not even in the top 10 at the position. He has gone from 208 pass yards a game to 194, and his TD numbers have plummeted off a cliff. Both he and Brown are frustrated and venting on social media. This means a change will happen this offseason.

With Mark Ingram likely to be gone, J.K. Dobbins will take the lead role in the backfield. A backfield averaging 160.5 yards a game in 2020. With fewer backs, the team will need to throw a bit more. He will never be Patrick Mahomes, but even getting to 235 yards per game would be incredibly productive for Jackson. And by default, Brown.

The squeaky wheel gets the grease. Brown is as squeaky as it gets. He and Jackson will work this offseason to get on the same page. Come next year, they should be better if not great.

Brown finished as the WR 45 for fantasy in 11 full games last season. Through 10 games this season, he is the WR56. This is his floor. He has no place to go from here but up. To get him now, at his lowest point, is something you should do. Who knows, he may only be in Baltimore for a year or two more. Then where will he go and play with? Maybe to the Chargers or Bills to play with Justin Herbert or Josh Allen? Maybe even Miami to grow with Tua. I would, for sure, want a piece of him in dynasty if these scenarios played out.

Juju Smith-Schuster |WR| Pittsburgh Steelers
The 2020 year has not been great for Juju. A microcosm of it played out in one game on Sunday. On a day which should have seen him do great as it was his birthday, he faltered. Well, actually, he slipped on a penalty flag and twisted his ankle. Thus, removing him from the game.

Dionte Johnson and Chase Claypool have usurped him on the depth chart, and he is on his way out of Pittsburgh. The most challenging part of trade here is that unknown. Where will he end up? Some managers will say it has to be better than where he is. Others will say I want to wait and see where he goes. There are for sure others who will say, get what I can now. In case he goes somewhere not fitting to his skills. Or to a team like Baltimore or Cleveland who only wants to run the ball. Find these managers and make an offer.

It was just two seasons ago when he was being touted as a top three to five dynasty asset at WR. This time has passed. Except for some hardcore truthers. The type who still think Corey Davis is good. You know the ones. Otherwise, people realize he is not as hot a player as we thought after his sophomore season. This cooling will allow you to get him cheap.

This is, of course, a gamble. You may be stuck with another receiver on Baltimore or Cleveland. But it is a gamble worth taking. He is that talented. Who knows, he may go to a team like Arizona to fill the, well, the Juju role for DeAndre Hopkins. If this happens, you will run immediately to his former manager and say, PREGO! (Thank You)

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