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The NFL draft is over. It seems likely we will have a football season. So, with a new season comes fantasy drafts and fantasy leagues.

With these in mind, we at have gathered together our consensus QB tiers heading into the 2020 season. Why tiers and not ranks? Because tiers are more reliable. Instead of being fixated on one specific player and possibly reaching for them, you can instead focus on a group of players to choose from.

These tiers are based on players who should have a similar outcome to each other. Therefore you will not need to make sure you get the top one in the grouping you choose. Just try to get one of those players.

As with rankings. Tiers are not 100%. Injuries happen and so do bad coaches. Make sure you do your homework on all the players you like. Decide what you want to pay for them. Not to mention how many you want to get. If it is a single QB league, you only want one, please. In two QB or super-flex leagues? Three might be the answer as it will be more difficult to pick one up during the season.

Now that we have all of the mumbo jumbo out of the way, take a look at our Tiers below, and please feel free to leave a comment or tell me your feelings on Twitter @EnvisionFF.

*With Cam Newton’s signing, he can be viewed as a low-end QB1 – firmly in tier 3

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