FFHR Mock Draft Breakdown

One of the most interesting pieces of the Fantasy season along with drafting is your position. After signing in and realizing you’re pick, you start to orchestrate your strategy as to who you’re going to take. You should have an outline of the players you want to go after, but now with a confirmed draft pick, it is much easier to go over everything. As you will soon read about, it is with the utmost importance to have several backup players just in case the player(s) you’re targeting get selected before your turn.

One of our Fantasy writers, Adam, gave two pieces of incredible importance. The first one is to make sure you know who you’re drafting with. A home league will be quite difference then when you’re drafting with actual people who know what they’re doing. The second piece of information is to have backup plans. In the draft he was eyeing both Brandon Aiyuk and Larry Fitzgerald. He was unable to select either of them because Conlin at the 12,13 turn took both. Have at minimum four players you are eyeing per round.

For the purposes of this draft, the roster set-up was QB, WR, WR, RB, RB, TE, FL, FL and six bench spots. It also was a Half-PPR scoring format as well.

I would like to thank everyone that was a part of this Mock Draft. Below was the draft order and everyone’s twitter handle. Please give them a follow-on twitter.

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Round 1

1.12, Joe Mixon, CIN, RB (Conlin)

  • I strongly believe in taking running backs early especially if you have a later round pick. That’s what I did here, taking Joe Mixon over other backs such as Nick Chubb, Josh Jacobs, and others. Mixon is a steal at the 12th pick. He is a strong candidate to finish inside the top 7. Even after a “down year” Mixon was the RB13, this will be much improved season with Joe Burrow under center.

1.05, Michael Thomas, NO, WR (Hunter)

  • The top four running backs flew off the board with the first four picks and my options were to go with the flow and take someone like Derrick Henry or Dalvin Cook, but I broke the chain and took Michael Thomas. He’s such a safe pick due to his sheer volume on the high-powered Saints offense with Drew Brees behind center. I don’t expect Thomas to have a season like he did in 2019, but the targets will be there along with the potential touchdowns as well.

1.06, Derrick Henry, TEN, RB (Lou)

  • Henry is locked into a role in Tennessee that we rarely see in the NFL anymore. Henry put the Titans, and many fantasy teams, on his back in 2019, with 896 yards and 10 TD’s over the final 6 games. He is a threat for 100 yards and multiple TD’s on the ground every week, just what you are looking for in your RB1.

1.10, Julio Jones, ATL, WR (Dom)

  • He may not catch a lot of TD, but he catches everything else thrown his way. Currently sitting as my WR two for fantasy, I was happy to get him at the tenth pick of the draft. It came down to Jones or Davante Adams and with the Falcons throwing the ball 80 times more than any other team in the NFL last season, this was the tiebreaker. Even if Calvin Ridley breaks out, Jones is the clear number one and is a virtual lock for 170 targets and 1,200 yards.

1.09, Miles Sanders, PHI, RB (Tyler)

  • The 9th pick should still net you a Tier 2 RB. As expected, Miles Sanders fell to me at 9, likely due to some concern over his “lower leg injury.” Sanders showed he could be a top 5 RB in the 2nd half of last year. There is little competition in the Eagles RB room, and Pederson has committed to him as “the guy.”

1.02, Ezekiel Elliot, DAL, RB (Ferris)

  • I decided on using the second overall pick on Zeke because I felt that he offered the highest floor due to the potency of the Cowboys’ offense. His touchdown equity is likely the highest of all RBs and I felt like drafting as safe as possible during this 2020 season is the move. A key tiebreaker between Zeke and Saquon for me is that Zeke has a clear handcuff that would be a top-12 pick should Zeke get hurt. There is no handcuffing Saquon.

1.08, Clyde Edwards-Helaire, KC, RB (Christian)

  • Even with modest projections for Clyde Edwards-Helaire (4 receptions per game and 14 carries per game) he would have 289 touches. That’s a floor of 64 receptions and 225 carries on the season. If spike weeks in receiving pushes him over 70 receptions he becomes a better option than Derrick Henry and Nick Chubb.  If he has just 3 or 4 weeks nearing 20 carries, he is close to 250 carries, separating him from the receiving specialists at his position. The volume makes him safe but he also possesses league-winning upside

Round 2

2.01, Kenyan Drake, ARI, RB (Conlin)

  • Drake will be the main benefactor from the new improved offense. Acquired in Week 9 from Miami, Kenyan Drake was the fifth best back once he was in Arizona. He racked up 643 yards on 123 carries and eight TD’s while securing 28 catches for 171 receiving yards. There is a strong chance that DeAndre Hopkins’ presence will allow Drake to see over 70 targets with around 50 receptions.

2.08, Aaron Jones, GB, RB (Hunter)

  • Waiting for my pick to come back around to grab either Austin Ekeler or Nick Chubb didn’t quite work out as they went back to back before me, but Aaron Jones will certainly do. Jones is coming off a solid season, and again with a questionable wide receiver room aside from Davante Adams in Green Bay, his floor is safe. He’ll get plenty of opportunities and will still be the RB1 on the offense for 2020.

2.07, Austin Ekeler, LAC, RB (Lou)

  • Ekeler burst on to the fantasy scene last year while Melvin Gordon was sitting out the first half of the season. Ekeler was still able to put together top 3 RB stats in PPR formats even after Gordon returned for the second half. Melvin Gordon is in Denver now, so this this Ekeler’s backfield once again.

2.03, Josh Jacobs, LVR, RB (Dom)

  • The decision came down to Jacobs or Austin Ekeler whom I love. When it came down to it, the guaranteed rushing work Jacobs is going to get outweighed the potential of Ekeler being the clear-cut number one for the Los Angeles Chargers. If John Gruden and the Raiders are true to their word and get him more involved in the pass game, Jacobs will finish as a top-five RB this season. If not? He will still be top-10.

2.04, George Kittle, SF, TE, (Tyler)

  • I was hoping Drake, or even Mixon or Jacobs would make it around, alas, they did not. Chubb was in consideration, but I am high on Kareem Hunt this year, which means Chubb is a borderline RB1. I decided to get my TE out of the way, and I had my choice between Kelce and Kittle. I have them both very close but decided to go, Kittle, as there is very little healthy target competition in San Fran.

2.11, James Conner, PIT, RB (Ferris)

  • I was hoping that one of the trios of Kenyan Drake, Aaron Jones, or Austin Ekeler would fall to me here. No such luck for me so I went with James Conner. Conner has shown the ability to be a bellcow RB in the past. Not in love with him or the value but I feel that it was another safe pick.

2.05, Travis Kelce, KC, TE (Christian)

  • While there were some names left on the board with a bit more upside than Kelce, I couldn’t pass on taking the 2nd tight end off the board. It’s a position where fantasy managers get 2 or 3 total chances in a draft to secure the position. Before I make it sound like completely settling, this is a player who’s had over 100 targets in each of the last 5 seasons and over 1,000 yards in each of the last 4 seasons.

Round 3

3.12, JuJu Smith-Schuster, PIT, WR (Conlin)

  • I’ve been all in on the JuJu 2020 comeback train. Ben Roethlisberger’s return will amplify the former USC Trojan’s resurgence. The last time we saw Big Ben, he won the Passing Title with 5,129 yards. Roethlisberger also had Antonio Brown at his disposal and Smith-Schuster will benefit greatly from those 168 available targets. I’m more than happy to have JuJu as my WR1.

3.05, Adam Thielen, MIN, WR (Hunter)

  • At the start of the third round, there were receivers available like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Adam Thielen, and DJ Moore. Two of them got taken before my pick, but I’m glad Thielen fell to me because he’s one of my favorite receivers this season with the departure of Stefon Diggs from that offense. Thielen has always gotten his fair share of targets, but with Diggs out of the offense, he is the clear WR1 with Justin Jefferson on the opposite side. QB Kirk Cousins will be targeting him more than anyone else in 2020, and I’m hoping he has a season similar to 2018 where he hauled in 113 catches for over 1300 yards.

3.06, Patrick Mahomes, KC, QB (Lou)

  • There’s always some anxiety when you take the first QB in a draft. If I wasn’t taking Mahomes here, he wasn’t making it back to me. He’s the only QB I would reach for. Odell was on the board, but there will be WR1 in future rounds, so I went with the best QB talent in the league.

3.10, Mark Ingram II, BAL, RB (Dom)

  • Reaching a bit, I took a safe Mark Ingram in the third-round. Everyone loves J.K. Dobbins. The real threat to Ingram is Lamar Jackson. Dobbins will be great in the future, but for 2020, it belongs to Ingram. No matter where he is or who his backfield mate is, Ingram always produces. This year will be no different behind one of the best offensive lines in the NFL.

3.09, Chris Carson, SEA, RB (Tyler)

  • Ideally, James Conner falls to me here, but with a room full of sharp drafters, I should have known better. I usually have been off of Carson due to his hip injury, but reports say he’s fully healthy. Seattle, for better or worse, is going to continue to pound the rock and be a top rushing team again in 2020. I’ll take RB18 value on a healthy Chris Carson

3.02, Leonard Fournette, JAX, RB (Ferris)

  • Getting Leonard Fournette here is probably a polarizing pick. On one hand, he is healthier than he’s given credit for and was the RB9 last year. On the other hand, he’s an RB on the team Vegas thinks will win the least games in the NFL. I’m not scared of Chris Thompson stealing too many targets this year. Fournette is a good value here.

3.08, Lamar Jackson, BAL, QB (Christian)

  • I was hoping Patrick Mahomes would make it to this pick after drafting Clyde Edwards-Helaire and Travis Kelce. Lamar Jackson made it hard to be too let down, even in a single QB league. While some of his rushing production is expected to regress, a safe projection of 5 rushing touchdowns and 700 rushing yards would give him 100 additional fantasy points on top of his production as a passer.

Round 4

4.01, Cooper Kupp, LAR, WR (Conlin)

  • No more Brandin Cooks and Todd Gurley in Los Angeles leaves 121 targets up for grabs. After leading the Rams in catches, receiving yards, and receiving TD’s, Kupp is the go-to receiving option for the Jared Goff. This is a steal as my WR2 could finish inside the top five once again.

4.08, Zach Ertz, PHI, TE (Hunter)

  • I prefer Ertz to Mark Andrews this season just because of the safety. Despite adding rookie WR Jalen Reagor to the offense via the draft, Ertz should still be the clear number one target in the Philadelphia offense in 2020. He had some injury trouble in 2019, but if he had been healthy, he would’ve passed that 100 reception mark for two seasons in a row.

4.07, Tyler Lockett, SEA, WR (Lou)

  • You know what you are getting with Lockett. 100 receiving yards, 2 TD’s upside any given week. A long-running repertoire with a top-end QB. Even with D.K. Metcalf in the mix, Lockett will continue to be the main receiver in Seattle.

4.03, Robert Woods, LAR, WR (Dom)

  • Robert Woods is the guy who does everything and never comes off the field. In 2018, he was on the field for 95% of the Rams offensive snaps. In 2019, this number dropped to 89% only due to him missing one came. He still had 98 receptions and 1,132 yards. This made him only the ninth WR since 2000 to finish the season with more than 1,100 yards and less than three scores. With Todd Gurley gone, Jared Goff will need to be better in the pass game. He will be. And Robert Woods will benefit.

4.04, Amari Cooper, DAL, WR (Tyler)

  • I expect there to be some frustrating weeks with Amari Cooper as my WR1, but at WR17, I couldn’t turn away. The Cowboys offense is one of the best in the NFL, and Amari is the lead dog at receiver. There will be some bad weeks, but the good ones are enough to win the week for you.

4.11, Mark Andrews, BAL, TE (Ferris)

  • Selecting Andrews here gives me a clear advantage over roughly seven teams in the league at the TE position. So, with my first four picks, I’m likely going to have a statistical advantage at RB, TE, and Flex.

4.05, Todd Gurley II, ATL, RB (Christian)

  • Todd Gurley is quite polarizing for many fantasy managers. His physical ability is declining without question, but he’s also the best running back in a consistently great offense. It would be wise to monitor which backup running back is next in line if Gurley suffers an injury and stash him, just in case. With an abundance of wide receiver talent in 2020 I wanted one more high-upside running back while I still had the chance.

Round 5

5.12, T.Y. Hilton, IND, WR (Conlin)

  • Philip Rivers in Indianapolis could make the Colts into a potential playoff team, but he’ll need a star weapon to help. Insert T.Y. Hilton. Before last season, since 2013 there was just a single season where he had less than 1080 yards. If Hilton can stay healthy, his WR3/Flex status on my team is a tremendous value. He along with Smith-Schuster, and Kupp could all be top 20 or better receivers on my team.

5.05, D.J. Chark Jr, JAX, WR (Hunter)

  • Chark Jr. is one of my favorite wide receivers this season. Yes, he’s on the Jags, but his upside is so high coming off a pretty impressive 2019 campaign. If Jacksonville has another lackluster season in 2020, they’ll likely be down in most games resulting in more garbage time especially in the passing game. Chark has shown he is a solid wideout and I expect him to have a great season in 2020 with second-year QB Gardner Minshew throwing to him.

5.06, DeVante Parker, MIA, WR (Lou)

  • Parker finally had the breakout season we have been waiting for in 2019, with 72/1202/9 in the first season he has been able to play 16 games. I think the Dolphins know this is their guy, and they are going to continue to focus on getting the ball in his hands in 2020.

5.10, Le’Veon Bell, NYJ, RB (Dom)

  • Not a huge fan of his head coach. Who is? This was great value though. Taking a starting RB in the fifth-round, not to mention one with the pass catching chops of Bell is amazing. At best, Bell will be a top eight guy. At worst, he is in my flex position and gives me double-digit points each week to solidify the position.

5.09, David Johnson, HOU, RB (Tyler)

  • I don’t love Johnson this year, but at his RB25 price, I’m all in. I like my chances of either Carson or David Johnson holding down that RB2 role all season long if one of the two doesn’t perform. He should also see a decent amount of work as no coach in the history of the NFL will give Duke Johnson an actual shot.

5.02, Cam Akers, LAR, RB (Ferris)

  • Drafting so safely in the first three rounds allows me to go upside hunting with Cam Akers. It was a mere two years ago that the RB1 in Los Angeles was setting the fantasy world on fire. Why not Cam Akers? The offense should be explosive and the lack of fans will help Sean McVay assist Jared Goff at the LOS. Akers in the fifth is stealing.

5.08, David Montgomery, CHI, RB (Christian)

  • David Montgomery may not be an elite running back or possess elite ability, but the Bears are committed to feeding him the ball in 2020. Reliable volume at the running back position still catches my eye in the 5th round with great wide receiver value available later. Regardless of who the Bears have under center a consistent running game would aid the quarterback. They should also have the defense needed to run the ball for 3 and a half quarters quite often, barring any major setbacks from last season.

Round 6

6.01, Russell Wilson, SEA, QB (Conlin)

  • I usually don’t take a quarterback this early, but I had to pull the trigger on a potential MVP candidate. Unfortunately, Kyler Murray was taken before it was my turn. Ideally would’ve loved to stack Murray and Drake in that high-profile Arizona offense. Wilson is a top five signal-caller in both the NFL and Fantasy.

6.08, Jordan Howard, MIA, RB (Hunter)

  • The Miami Dolphins certainly had their struggles in 2019, especially in the running game as their number one rusher was 37-year-old quarterback, Ryan Fitzpatrick. But, with the addition of Jordan Howard, it opens up a clear path to be the RB1. He’ll be competing with Matt Breida for carries and ultimately targets, but I think Howard is more talented in general. He’ll be the main guy there so I like his upside.

6.07, Tyler Higbee, LAR, TE (Lou)

  • Higbee had his first season with over 25 receptions and 300 yards in 2019, after posting 69/734/3 and ending the season with 4 of his last 5 games over 100 yards.TE is a volatile position that drops off hard, but I think Higbee has made his way into becoming a consistent TE option for Jared Goff.

6.03, Kareem Hunt, CLE, RB (Dom)

  • Nick Chubb in the first or Kareem Hunt in the sixth? I will take Hunt all day. Not only did he out snap Chubb in six of the eight games they played together in 2019, he is the far better pass catcher. With the offensive line in Cleveland vastly improved over last season, Baker Mayfield will have more time to find his weapons. He is going to love finding Hunt out of the backfield. Do not be surprised if you look up at the end of the season and Kareem Hunt has not only out snapped Nick Chubb but also outscored him for fantasy.

6.04, Michael Gallup, DAL, WR (Tyler)

  • With Dak off the board, a Cowboys stack wasn’t in the cards, but Gallup fell to WR27, and as my WR20, just like Amari, I couldn’t pass him up at this value. This Cowboys offense is going to be a fantasy gold mine, and I am once again in. There is a strong possibility that both Cooper and Gallup are top 20 receivers.

6.11, Deshaun Watson, HOU, QB (Ferris)

  • Now I will have a statistical advantage over seven or eight teams at the QB position with a second-tier guy like Watson. Selecting this level of a QB also gives me the freedom to not take another one in the draft which I will have to use searching for WRs.

6.05, Stefon Diggs, BUF, QB (Christian)

  • This pick was between Stefon Diggs and Marquise Brown for me, especially having Lamar Jackson already. But drafting my first wide receiver in the 6th round, I leaned toward stability. Stefon Diggs doesn’t have the better passer by any means, but he does separate on all three levels of the field as a seasoned veteran. Combine that with the Bills giving up their 1st round pick for him, he’s a reliable WR2 with steady volume.

Round 7

7.12, Phillip Lindsay, DEN, RB (Conlin)

  • Even with the addition of Melvin Gordon, the third year Colorado back should still have a roll in this offense. For more about why I love Phillip Lindsay, check out this article, NFC/AFC West Hidden Values.

7.05, Tyler Boyd, CIN, WR (Hunter)

  • Tyler Boyd has always been sneaky good each season and I’m surprised he fell this far to me. The Bengals have finally (hopefully) found their franchise QB in Joe Burrow, which enhances all positions in that offense. Boyd will likely be the WR2 with AJ Green coming back this year, but I can’t trust his health which makes me love Boyd even more. He’ll have some of his targets taken away from rookie Tee Higgins as well, but his talent is obvious and I think Burrow will light it up throwing to him all season.

7.06, Matt Breida, MIA, RB (Lou)

  • Breida is one of the fastest backs in the NFL, and all he has to beat out for a starting job this time is the one-dimensional Jordan Howard. Breida is still just 25 years old, and he is in a prime position to break out in 2020. The risk of splitting time is fine to look past as my RB3.

7.10, A.J. Green, CIN, WR (Dom)

  • If he is healthy, he is still a top 20 WR in the NFL. Being able to get him in the seventh-round as a bench player was a no brainier. Cincinnati brought him back on the franchise tag and gave him $16 million. For a team as frugal as the Bengals, this is a big statement. Joe Burrow will need a talented veteran to find in his rookie season. He will have it in A.J. Green.

7.09, Diontae Johnson, PIT, WR (Tyler)

  • I am high on Diontae Johnson this year as I am all about the discounted Steelers passing attack after the disaster that was 2019. Johnson’s success hangs on the health of Big Ben, but he showed enough last year with the league-worst QB play to where I want him in 2020. He has been named a breakout candidate on many occasions by people smarter than me.

7.02, Julian Edelman, NE, WR (Ferris)

  • I was looking to pair Watson and Fuller together but was sniped on the Fuller pick. Decided to play it safe instead with Julian Edelman. Getting a low-end WR2 as my WR1 isn’t great but I sacrificed the position to get numerical advantages elsewhere. At this point, I was still very confident in my ability to draft serviceable WR’s.

7.08, James White, NE, RB (Christian)

  • I planned on going WR-heavy from round 6 on, but had one last chance to draft a viable starter at the running back position. That’s not an opportunity to take lightly in 2020. James White has been top-10 in running back receptions in 3 out of the last 4 seasons and shouldn’t regress anytime soon with Cam Newton under center.

Round 8

8.01, Tarik Cohen, CHI, RB (Conlin)

  • In a stagnant offense, Cohen has standalone value in PPR and Half-PPR leagues. This in fact was a Half-PPR mock draft and my main target was James White who has a higher ceiling, but Cohen is still reliable with back-to-back with 70-plus catch seasons.

8.08, Josh Allen, BUF, QB (Hunter)

  • Josh Allen has had his fair share of criticism so far in his NFL career due to his accuracy issues, but in fantasy, he gets the job done because of his running ability. The Bills added Stefon Diggs to the offense which will hopefully allow Allen to finally show the NFL his talent. Allen’s one of my favorite quarterbacks in 2020 because of his tremendous upside and opportunities to succeed.

8.07, John Brown, BUF, WR (Lou)

  • Brown’s upside took a hit when Stefon Diggs came to Buffalo. I have been saying for years that I think John Brown would be better off without the burden of being a WR1. The addition of Diggs made me more excited about Brown, because now I can get him for much cheaper.

8.03, Drew Brees, NO, QB (Dom)

  • I am a Saints fan. Even if I were not, I would love Drew Brees at this spot in the draft. Despite missing five games last season, Brees finished with 29 TD to only four INT. He now has the addition of Emmanuel Sanders across from Michael Thomas. This is the best duo of receivers he has had since Thomas was a rookie across from Brandin Cooks. Sanders is older at 32, but he is still a great number two. Add to this Alvin Kamara coming back healthy and New Orleans is loaded with the best roster in the NFL.

8.04, Marlon Mack, IND, RB (Tyler)

  • Rookie Jonathan Taylor is a better back than Mack, but the hate on Mack has gone too far. With a shorten offseason program, no preseason games, and a cake opening schedule, Mack is well-positioned to succeed early. Jonathan Taylor will undoubtedly win the starting role eventually, but at his RB38 price, he is the perfect RB4. Great flex play to start the season.

8.11, Emmanuel Sanders, NO, WR (Ferris)

  • Easy safe pick here. Going to offer up a lot of usable weeks, especially home games for the Saints.

8.05, Darius Slayton, NYG, WR (Christian)

  • Jason Garrett-led offenses have historically featured a tall, physical wide receiver who can win down the field. He runs an offense which requires wide receivers to get down the field more often than what we’ve seen recently in NY. There’s no doubt in my mind they’ll give Slayton every chance to emerge as a do-it-all wide receiver. His 740 yards and 8 touchdowns as a rookie show he has impressive natural ability.

Round 9

9.12, Curtis Samuel, CAR, WR (Conlin)

  • It will be interesting to see the role Samuel has in the new Carolina offense. The Panthers were able to sign Jets deep threat receiver, Robby Anderson and D.J. Moore will once again lead the team in targets and receptions. Samuel might be a jack of all trades similar to last year with short yardage receptions and multiple rushing plays. Am I banking on him to see over 100 targets? No, but I do think he will approve on his less then 52% catch rating.

9.05, Darrell Henderson Jr, LAR, RB (Hunter)

  • With Todd Gurley leaving the offense, the running back room is wide open in Los Angeles. It’s a bit worrying about rookie Cam Akers taking the RB1 spot for 2020, but Henderson’s opportunities will be there. HC Sean McVay mentioned that the Rams will likely be RBBC for 2020 which suggests Henderson will still be a feature of the Rams’ offense in some capacity.

9.06, Evan Engram, NYG, TE (Lou)

  • As I mentioned before, TE is a volatile position. That makes me more likely to take a chance on a guy like Engram, whose ceiling is massive if he can stay healthy this season, compared to his draft position. My ability to start multiple TE also makes me feel better about taking him over WR here, as I can start him with Higbee if their ceilings are coming to fruition.

9.10, Tevin Coleman, SF, RB (Dom)

  • He may be the nominal backup in San Francisco to Raheem Mostert. He also may not be. The 49ers love to run the ball. Matt Breida is gone and Jerick McKinnon has not been good since Obama was in office. This means Tevin Coleman will be the one to fill the so-called Tevin Coleman in one of the top run offenses in the league.

9.09, Antonio Gibson, WAS, RB (Tyler)

  • I dig his athletic profile, and he has a clear path to touches with the release of Derrius Guice. The hype train is rolling on this guy, but at his 9th round price, I figured I would get a piece.

9.02, Jamison Crowder, NYJ, WR (Ferris)

  • This was a huge value. Crowder is the WR1 on a team with an atrocious defense. 130 targets seem like the floor for this sleeper.

9.08, Sterling Shepard, NYG, WR (Christian)

  • I expect Slayton to be the new top receiver in for the Giants, but someone’s still got to come up with 900 yards and 5-8 touchdowns as well. That’s where I expect Sterling Shepard to come in. Daniel Jones targeted him no less than six times per game when he was on the field. With plenty of passing projected in the 2nd half of Giants games, Shepard should be another reliable fantasy WR in the Giants’ offense.

Round 10

10.01, Jonnu Smith, TEN, TE (Conlin)

  • At this point there weren’t that many tight end options available. In Tennessee, outside out of A.J. Brown there isn’t another clear receiving option. I don’t believe Corey Davis has much value since he has been a bust. Adam Humphries has also been nothing special. Jonnu could be a real sleeper this season as a top 10 tight end available in double digit rounds.

10.08, Duke Johnson, HOU, RB (Hunter)

  • I think Duke Johnson will be utilized more this season. The Texans’ infamous trade for David Johnson this offseason made some people scratch their heads. This will allow more opportunities for Duke Johnson. David Johnson isn’t the same running back he was in 2016 despite the Texans saying he’s going to have a bounce-back year in 2020. Duke is always going to get his fair share of targets because he’s a pure pass-catching back.

10.07, Jerry Jeudy, DEN, WR (Lou)

  • Give me the rookie and the hype out of Denver! We’ll see if the hype surrounding the young talent in Denver is real, but Jerry Jeudy seems like he will be able to be a good compliment to Courtland Sutton and Noah Fant. If the theories are true that Jeudy is the most pro-ready WR in this class, then a limited offseason should be no problem here.

10.03, Golden Tate, NYG, WR (Dom)

  • Someone has to be the lead receiver in New York. My money is on Golden Tate and in the double-digit rounds he’s a steal. Tate is still one of the best possession wideouts in the NFL. With Saquon Barkley being elite, it will fall on Daniel Jones to improve over an uneven rookie season of 12 INT’s and 18 fumbles. He will be looking to Golden Tate as a security blanket. Tate has the upside of a top 24 WR with the price of a WR four.

10.04, Jalen Reagor, PHI, WR (Tyler)

  • I loved his college tape, and he got drafted to the right spot to make an impact as a rookie. The Eagles are an excellent offense, and Reagor is fast-tracked into a starting role. The Eagles want to play aggressive and upbeat, and Reagor is a core part of that plan.

10.11, Tony Pollard, DAL, RB (Ferris)

  • If you draft a guy partly because his handcuff is good, you’d better get his handcuff. This pick is more about ensuring my ownership of the Cowboys running game than any actual weekly fantasy value. Pollard is a stud, but doesn’t have weekly value due to Zeke’s dominance of touches.

10.05, Justin Jefferson, MIN, WR (Christian)

  • Justin Jefferson isn’t the top ranked rookie wide receiver in overall talent. However, he could be the only one to open the season as WR2 on his team. With Adam Thielen as the only other reliable receiver, Minnesota will need Jefferson to contribute to any extent he can handle. That’s a unique situation among rookie wide receivers and it should translate to consistent volume.

Round 11

11.12, Brandon Aiyuk, SF, WR (Conlin)

  • This was the easiest pick all day. There is no timetable for Deebo Samuel’s return and San Francisco just lost Jalen Hurd as well. Coming in as a rookie, Aiyuk could be first on the depth chart heading into Week 1. Even with a hamstring injury, he still has tremendous value in double-digit rounds.

11.05, Blake Jarwin, DAL, TE (Hunter)

  • The high-powered Dallas offense is going to annoy many fantasy owners this year because there’s so many options and any player can score over 20-plus points any game. But Jarwin is extremely safe because he’s the clear TE1. Yes, there’s Amari Cooper, Michael Gallup, CeeDee Lamb, and Ezekiel Elliott to take away from his points, but Jarwin was a dependable option last season for Dak Prescott. This offense is going to put up monster numbers in 2020 and I’m hoping Jarwin’s going to be a big part of that.

11.06, Mecole Hardman, KC, WR (Lou)

  • Boy I am excited to start watching this dynamic duo of Mahomes and Hardman in 2020. Hardman is electric, and the Chiefs find creative ways to get him the ball in open space. I got the stack I wanted here at pick 11, and my team is filling out well.

11.10, Michael Pittman Jr., IND, WR (Dom)

  • Rookie receivers do not always work out, but with just T.Y. Hilton in Indianapolis to take away targets, I’m hoping Pittman Jr. can breakout. Phillip Rivers will sling the ball. He is also incredibly accurate. If he rebounds from a 20 INT season behind a dominant offensive line, Michael Pittman Jr. will be a big part of the reason. Size and speed to burn, Pittman is a rookie worth taking a shot on. And I did.

11.09, Christian Kirk, ARI, WR (Tyler)

  • I am high on the Cardinals offense this year, and I think the addition of DeAndre Hopkins only helps Kirk in the long run. He should see single coverage most of the season and has shown some serious flash to have a breakout campaign. One thousand yards is not out of the question for this explosive receiver.

11.02, Mike Williams, LAC, WR (Ferris)

  • I constructed my team in such a way that I could hunt for some spike week WRs at this point. Mike Williams is a guy that could easily get double-digit TDs any season he plays. He can also throw up some poor scoring weeks. This is the type of guy I’m only drafting him if I can have multiple 10-plus weekly target WR’s to couple him with.

11.08, Parris Campbell, IND, WR (Christian)

  • Frank Reich has been on record building up the “stud” slot receiver on multiple occasions. With Philip Rivers’ deteriorating arm-strength I’d expect less throws down the sideline and more throws underneath to let a player like Campbell create yards after the catch, which is great for PPR scoring leagues.

Round 12

12.01, Larry Fitzgerald, ARI, WR (Conlin)

  • This pick was just for my friend Adam who picked after me. I was able to snake him and get Fitzgerald who has top 35 upside in PPR leagues.

12.08, Justin Jackson, LAC, RB (Hunter)

  • I like Jackson for the spot he’s being drafted this season, and it’s worth a stab. Especially, if Ekeler misses any sort of time due to injury or even amid our current climate surrounding Covid-19, Jackson is in line to take all RB1 duties in their offense.

12.07, Henry Ruggs III, LVR, WR (Lou)

  • I guess I’m just trying to build the fastest team I can? Ruggs is going to play the slot this season, and I love to take slot receivers as they have a lot of opportunities to rack up receptions in a game. Ruggs quickness can lead to big gains in the open field, so he’s another rookie wideout I am excited to draft.

12.03, Noah Fant, DEN, TE (Dom)

  • Not wanting to go early on a TE, I waited. I still got one whom I feel can finish top eight in the ranks. Opposing defenses will concentrate on Courtland Sutton, Jerry Judy and Melvin Gordon or Phillip Lindsey. This will free up Fant for seam routes down the field. If Drew Lock is close to what many are predicting him to be, Noah Fant may have a breakout in his second season.

12.04, Carson Wentz, PHI, QB (Tyler)

  • This is a prime example of why you wait on QB. Wentz has the top five upside, pairing him with Reagor could pay dividends.

12.11, Allen Lazard, GB, WR (Ferris)

  • I’m not entirely convinced that the WR2 in Green Bay will be Lazard, but with the information we currently have, he’s my projection. Late in the 12th round, getting Aaron Rodgers’ WR2 is an auto pick for me. Keep an eye out for MVS and ESB as well.

12.05, Randall Cobb, HOU, WR (Christian)

  • I view this pick as one of my safer wide receiver investments, but probably doesn’t impact the ceiling of my team very much. Waiting on wide receiver until the 6th round, I value a guy like Randall Cobb who should be catching five passes per game. A massive number of underneath targets have vacated with Hopkins’ departure. Players like Brandin Cooks, Will Fuller or Kenny Stills aren’t particularly great in that area.

Round 13

13.12, Sammy Watkins, KC, WR (Conlin)

  • Low risk ad high reward here. After a great showing in the playoffs, Watkins could be a potential league winner.

13.05, Preston Williams, MIA, WR (Hunter)

  • He averaged more than seven targets per game last season. If he can stay healthy, that number will likely increase. He’s going to be behind DeVante Parker, but his talent and redzone presence makes me willing to take him in fantasy leagues this year. I think he should be getting drafted much earlier than the 13th round as well, which means he has low risk and very high reward if he can rebound from his knee injury.

13.06, N’Keal Harry, NE, WR (Lou)

  • There aren’t a lot of good options in New England this season. Tom Brady is gone and Julian Edelman is 34. Harry is the big WR that Cam Newton always likes to target. At 6’4 225, Harry is the same height and weight as…Devin Funchess, one of Newton’s favorite targets in Carolina.

13.10, LeSean McCoy, TB, RB (Dom)

  • Hey, it was the 13th We know he is past his prime. We also know if an RB cannot pass block, Tom Brady will not allow him on the field. McCoy is the veteran presence Tampa Bay needs in the backfield. So, we will see what happens early in the season. Otherwise? I have a drop candidate for a waiver move.

13.09, DeAndre Washington, KC, RB (Tyler)

  • It is clear that Clyde Edwards-Helaire is going to be the lead back, but beyond that, it’s up for grabs. Washington is a proven pass catcher and had some success playing with Mahomes at the college level. Leaving the draft with at least a Chiefs player is just a smart idea, no matter how late.

13.02, Steven Sims Jr, WAS, WR (Ferris)

  • Sims finished the season incredibly strong. I love targeting Sims as a late round WR.

13.08, Chris Herndon, NYJ, TE (Christian)

  • It really wasn’t that long ago when Chris Herndon was Sam Darnold’s favorite target. With training camp updates referring to Jamison Crowder as the best wide receiver, the Jets will need everything Herndon has to offer. Breshad Perriman is a mediocre option at the position and Denzel Mims is unlikely to be NFL-ready. Herndon can finish top three in targets for the Jets.

Round 14

14.01, Giovani Bernard, CIN, RB (Conlin)

  • Just a pure handcuff situation here. If Mixon was to go down, Bernard will have full control of the backfield. It also helps he is a tremendous pass catcher as well.

14.08, Ryan Tannehill, TEN, QB (Hunter)

  • We all saw Ryan Tannehill’s redemption season last year with Tennessee and it certainly has shot up his value a bit in fantasy for 2020. I took Allen as my starter and I would start him more often than Tannehill, but Tannehill is definitely worth the stash on the bench for certain matchups and bye weeks. I took him here with my last pick simply as a security blanket in case Allen does get hurt or has a few bad games.

14.07, Cam Newton, NE, QB (Lou)

  • This year is weird. “Injury risk” is at an all-time high, so I am getting backups at every position. Newton’s upside in a Bill Belichick offense is plenty high, and now I have a secondary stack in case there’s a Covid-19 breakout in Kansas City.

14.03, Kenny Stills, HOU, WR (Dom)

  • Someone has to catch the ball in Houston. With the injury concerns surrounding basically everyone in the Texans receivers’ room, Stills is worth a final round shot in the dark. Will Fuller has missed 20 of 48 possible games, and Brandin Cooks has battled with concussions, Stills can step in and be a top 24 option. If not? Another drop candidate for the waiver wire hotness of the week.

14.04, DeSean Jackson, PHI, WR (Tyler)

  • I was shocked to see Jackson this late. Completing the Eagles stack was just too juicy, and I couldn’t stay away. Reagor and DJax could see some huge weeks, and if one goes down, the other will thrive.

14.11, Rob Gronkowski, TB, TE (Ferris)

  • After I drafted Andrews in the fourth, I had no intention of taking another TE. Gronk in the last round though… Couldn’t pass it up. Of all the people left, I felt he was the only one with top-5 scoring in his range of outcomes. Do I think it will happen? No. But I’ll take Gronk over Benny Snell any day of the week.

14.05, Darrel Williams, KC, RB (Christian)

  • Not only was Williams next in line for first-team reps anytime Edwards-Helaire wasn’t out there in practice, but he has potential for stand-alone value. His skill-set isn’t similar to CEH’s, if the rookie struggles to run the ball Darrel would be getting significant playing time and may be the goal line/short yardage back as it stands now. I was happy to finish the draft with a partial handcuff to my top pick.

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