Ferris Wheelin’ & Dealin’: Return the Mack

Ferris Wheelin’ & Dealin’

Welcome to my new weekly column that is a one-stop-shop for all things fantasy. Want a buy-low target for seasonal? Got it. Need the best pick-up on the Waiver Wire? I’m your man. Need dynasty stashes? I have dyno nuggets galore. Of course. I may even throw in a devy blurb once in a while for all you lovable degens out there. I swear this whole article isn’t about how much the Giants suck. Without further ado, let me, the Fantasy Leonardo DaVinci, help improve your fantasy performance through a little Wheelin’ & Dealin’.

Buy: Shane Vereen | RB |

NY Giants


This is a case of zigging when others are zagging. While I loved what I saw out of Wayne Gallman on Sunday, outside factors have come in to play here. The OL is still abysmal, but, more importantly, the Giants lost 103 targets worth of WR to injury. I’m sure that some of those targets will be distributed to Evan Engram, Roger Lewis, Tavarres King, and Travis Rudolph. Many will also go to Vereen who already averages 4.4 targets per game. He also has a stigma attached to him as losing the starting RB job but it was never really his in the first place. His position is pass-catching back. I think you can get Vereen for pennies on the dollar and get an RB looking at 7-8 targets a game moving forward. In Vereen’s case, the more the Giants suck the better. So it’s looking great for him.

Sell: Marlon Mack | RB | Indianapolis Colts

Marlon Mack looked like a budding star last week in the Colts running game. His performance has fantasy owners drooling at a potential 3-down back. But the same issue that I had with him as a prospect reared its ugly head on Sunday. Marlon Mack WILL NOT run between the tackles. There can be a hole the size of Donald Trump’s ego and Mack will bounce the run outside. This affinity for bouncing everything to the outside works when defenses aren’t focusing on it. A good example is Tarik Cohen. In Week 1 he exploded onto the scene with multiple big plays outside the tackle box. What do defenses do now when they see Cohen with the ball? Bust their asses to contain the edge. Marlon Mack is going to have to learn to run inside or he will not find lasting success in this league. One might even say the league will Return the Mack. I’d look to flip him for a more steady and established RB2 or WR3.

Marlon Mack is blind

Not an inside runner

Tarik Cohen is a smurf

Also, not an inside runner


Pick-up: Jalen Richard | RB | Oakland Raiders

The Marshawn Lynch experiment doesn’t seem to be going well for fantasy owners. His points per snap are at a mediocre .32 which is around players like Ty Montgomery and Le’Veon Bell in terms of efficiency. The problem is his overall snap percentage is only at 43%. At his age, I don’t envision that going up. I think the Raiders backup to own is Jalen Richard because of his stand-alone value. Richard brings a lot to the table in the passing game, as well as, the return game. I don’t think that he is a true handcuff because DeAndre Washington would receive ample early down work if there was a Lynch injury but I do think that Richard would get a significant uptick in snap percentage.

Drop: Eli Manning | QB |

NY Giants


Not only is Eli Manning washed up; he got Odell Beckham’s ankle broken with a God-awful pass. Now, Manning gets to chuck passes to Roger Lewis, Tavarres King, Travis Rudolph, Evan Engram, and his running backs. The receiving targets will still have value due to sheer volume like I reference in the Vereen blurb. Manning, however, will only have his fantasy value diminished by increased passing volume and predictability. Check out Eli’s numbers with and without OBJ. He’s going to be worthless and the Giants suck.

Eli Manning is washed

Eli Manning is not #good without OBJ

Dyno Nuggets:

Mitch Trubisky made his first appearance in a Bears uniform and flashed some potential. He spread the ball around with 5 players getting 4 or more targets. Tarik Cohen was not one of these players. Deshaun Watson once again put up impressive numbers. At this point, he’s a top-10 dynasty QB for me. He has running ability, an elite WR, a significant deep threat, and with injuries to JJ Watt and Whitney Merciless, he has a bad defense. For all the Jerick McKinnon truthers taking victory laps, I’d be a bit concerned that 57-yards of his came on one play with the defense confused and not set. His problems have always been vision-related and that didn’t change overnight. I still think he has a lot of PPR value but he’s not a 3-down bellcow.

Degener…Devy Time:

I’m looking forward to several games this weekend. The first is the Red River Rivalry with Oklahoma coming off a huge loss to Iowa State. Texas seems to have found an offense and it is being propelled by underclassmen Colin Johnson and Sam Ehlinger. I think this is going to be a great game.

I also want to see Memphis WR Anthony Miller against the undefeated Navy Midshipmen. This game has significant AAC title implications. Can Anthony Miller replicate the numbers he has been putting up all season, or will the Midshipmen be able to control him like they so often do to opposing offenses?

The last game I’m looking at is the Arizona State/UW game in Tempe. ASU has been a disappointment this year but N’Keal Harry is still an impressive prospect. Last year he battled Kevin King with much success, how will he fair this season at home?

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    October 13th, 2017 at 2:02 pm (#)

    Excellent analysis as always! The route chart on Marlon Mack and that whole section is completely against what many owners are thinking about him, but the stats speak for themselves. I can definitely see the argument against him, especially considering much of the comparable Tarik Cohen’s post Week 1 production, with the only outlier being Week 4 against the Steelers, has been in the passing game.

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