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Henry John: Writer


Ever since coming across his beloved New York Jets as a five-year-old, Henry John has been as passionate a sports fan as they come. His interest and fandom has since spread well beyond football to include a wide variety of sports, leagues, and teams. Henry avidly follows anything, from the NBA and MLB to the UFC, PGA and WWE. He counts the Toronto Raptors, Oakland Athletics and Vegas Golden Knights among the professional teams he loyally supports. As an undergraduate communications major at the University at Buffalo, he proudly supports the Bulls as well.


As his knowledge and enjoyment of sports has grown over the years, Henry has gained the desire to share his passion with the world. He established his “Hank Time Sports” brand in 2017 as an avenue to do just that. Henry works as an analyst at several sports websites. He creates, edits, and produces original content in the form of written articles, podcasts, and videos. While the subject matter has seen variance, his primary focus is on providing advice in the Sports Betting and Fantasy Sports sectors. In addition, Henry established his personal website,, in 2019. The site serves the purpose of being a portfolio for all of his own written, audio and visual content.


Networking and engagement with fellow sports fans, writers, and content creators are two things that Henry loves to do. He encourages anyone who desires to connect with him. You can find Henry and his Hank Time Sports brand on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, or email him at



Twitter: @HankTimeSports

Instagram: hanktimesports

Facebook: Hank Time Sports


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