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The first football game I remember watching as a kid, featured Don Majkowski at Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers.  Soon thereafter I was witness to what Brett Favre was accomplishing on a week to week basis.  This time frame leading up to, and during the Packers Super Bowl appearances in 1996 and 1997 taught me what it meant to be a loyal supporter of a franchise when it wasn’t the popular thing to do.  For some reason, even in a small North Central town in Wisconsin, kids still cheered for other teams like the Cowboys and 49ers.  Looking back on it and reflecting on how strong my fandom has become, I feel proud to have been a Packer fan for my entire life.

I played backyard football and collected thousands of football cards.  I still have them all, from Michael Strahan, Natrone Means, and Brett Favre to Jonathan Ogden, Ray Lewis, Jerome Bettis, and John Elway.  I waited all spring and summer for football to return each year and was in heaven when I was able to play in high school. In my hometown we only had high school football, and I was jealous when I learned bigger cities and towns had peewee and junior high football.

I was too small for College football, so I had to resort to playing Lacrosse (with poor stick skills I might add). I made the most of each opportunity to hit as a Defender.

After a couple tours in Iraq, including one in 2010 where I watched Aaron Rodgers lead the Packers to another Super Bowl title, and earning my bachelor’s degree in Computing and New Media Technologies, I finally managed to stumble across something called Fantasy Football.

I dabbled in auction style drafts within seasonal leagues and eventually fell into a dynasty startup.  I have been in that league now for 4 years running. On top of that, I recently joined a new league and am pioneering my own startup.

All three of my dynasty league teams have been formed with different roster styles in mind.  I have been youth focused in one and veteran oriented in another, and my third and newest league is a mixture of both.

I research and read as much as I can while balancing work and family life.  I take pride in trying to find the next hidden gem, the waiver wire diamonds.  I haven’t hit anywhere near the amount of misses I have had, but I can say that I was first in my leagues last year to scoop up Keelan Cole and Austin Ekeler.

I am an outside-the-box type of player and writer.  In 2017, before preseason week 1, I traded away Marcus Mariota and Eddie Lacy for Deshaun Watson and Jamaal Williams.  I was laughed at for that trade.  I’ve now turned down at least one offer from every one of those critics.  Don’t be afraid, take risks, and gather up a team that you yourself can root and cheer for.  Thanks for reading, and good Luck!


Twitter: @sconnieJosh


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