NFL Draft: Fantasy Reactions for Round 3

Hunter Skoczylas (@HunterSkoczylas)

As the third round came to an end in the 2020 NFL draft, ten skill position players were drafted and added to your fantasy football pools for next season. Not all players will fit well with the teams they were drafted to while others could make an instant impact in fantasy. 

Which players have the best shot to make a fantasy impact on their new teams? Here’s a reaction and fantasy outlook on the skill position players taken in the third round of the draft. 

Round 3 Selections: 

Antonio Gibson | Washington Redskins | No. 66 overall 

The Redskins seem confident in having Dwayne Haskins as their starting quarterback so they tried to add some more weapons to the offense. Antonio Gibson is a speedy receiver with versatility. He ran a 4.39 forty time at the combine but adds depth for the Redskins offense. Although Gibson was only a one-year wonder at Memphis, his production was worth the risk. He has serious upside to be the WR2 behind Terry McLaurin, but given his one year of good stats, he’ll need to improve and develop his skills. For fantasy, he’ll most likely be a bench guy at WR4 but has upside to be a WR3. 


Ke’Shawn Vaughn | Tampa Bay Buccaneers | No. 76 overall 

Ke’Shawn Vaughn was a solid running back to add to the offense that now has Tom Brady at quarterback. Brady needs his protection and pass-catching running backs. Vaughn doesn’t have quick initial speed, but once in the open field he’s blazing fast from his background in high school sprinting. He is an excellent pass-blocker too, which is great for Brady who isn’t the best at avoiding sacks nowadays. He has room for improvement in his vision and ability to break off tackles to extend the play, but should see solid RB3 numbers his rookie season with Tampa Bay. 


Lynn Bowden Jr | Las Vegas Raiders | No. 80 overall

The Las Vegas Raiders drafted more wide receivers than any other position and it’s clear they want to improve the offense significantly for 2020 and on. Taking Ruggs in the first round adds extreme speed to the offense, but adding Lynn Bowden Jr. adds versatility. Bowden can play wide receiver, running back, and even quarterback in some offensive sets to confuse opposing defenses. He has big play ability, something the Raiders needed for their offense. In order to be permanently a member of the offensive scheme, he has to prove that he’s more than just a trick-play guy. He won’t be much of a fantasy impact off the bat, but if he is utilized in their scheme, he has upside to be a WR3 and/or flex option. 


Bryan Edwards | Las Vegas Raiders | No. 81 overall 

Now on the opposite end of both Ruggs and Bowden, the Raiders went for a big guy that will stretch the field for Derek Carr or Marcus Mariota, depending on who they decide to give the starting job. Bryan Edwards is 6’3”, 212 pounds and has quick acceleration to get away from defenders off the line of scrimmage. He has to work on his route-running and hands overall, but he should be a solid receiver in the NFL because of his consistency all four years at USC. He has upside to be the WR1 in Las Vegas due to his size and speed, but it’s likely he’ll be WR2 behind Ruggs. In fantasy, he has upside to be a WR2, but likely will float around WR3/4 numbers. 


Zack Moss | Buffalo Bills | No. 86 overall 

In a backfield featuring Devin Singletary, a small quick runner that can make defenders miss, adding a tough runner in Zack Moss was very smart for the Bills. Last season, they had Frank Gore, who is similar in traits to Moss, but now this season, they have a much younger and hungrier running back. Moss has been compared to Marshawn Lynch because of his low-to-the-ground running style and ability to break off tackles easily. Senses are that it will be an RBBC situation in Buffalo because Singletary had such a great rookie season and Moss adds a whole other dynamic to the running game when paired up with him. He has the upside to be a RB2, but likely will fall to the RB3 numbers due to sharing so many carries with Singletary. 


Devin Asiasi | New England Patriots | No. 91 overall 

Bill Belichick has proven to be quite the tight-end developer as Rob Gronkowski had some amazing seasons when he was in New England. Devin Asiasi is 6’3” and clocked a 4.73 forty time at the combine so he has some potential to be something in the offense. Losing Tom Brady this offseason certainly hurts any offensive player for fantasy, but Asiasi could still be a solid pro tight end. He has quick acceleration to get off the line faster than most linebackers can cover. If Belichick can find a quarterback to get the job done, Devin Asiasi could be a main focal point of how the offense runs. He’ll likely be a TE3 considering the QB situation, but has upside because his position is important in New England’s offense.  


Devin Duvernay | Baltimore Ravens | No. 92 overall 

Adding Devin Duvernay to the already lethal Baltimore offense ensures the success of Lamar Jackson for the coming years. Duvernay is 5’10” and ran a 4.39 at the combine, similar to Marquise Brown who is 5’9” and was projected to run in the 4.3’s had he participated in the 2019 combine. Lamar Jackson can throw the ball far down field which means Duvernay and Brown will be his go-to targets outside of Mark Andrews. Duvernay has great yards after catch ability and has very reliable hands. He has upside to be the WR2 in Baltimore, and for fantasy he could float around WR2/3 numbers barring how much Lamar throws the ball. 


Darrynton Evans | Tennessee Titans | No. 93 overall 

Darrynton Evans ran a 4.41 forty time at the combine and saw heavy production his junior and senior season at Appalachian State. He’s small and extremely elusive, something the Titans don’t have. It’s almost obvious he’ll never take Derrick Henry’s starting role, but he can certainly contribute in the pass game and third down conversions. A key trait of Evans is that he knows how to protect the ball as he didn’t fumble the ball in over 482 carries. He’ll take away some of Henry’s carries, but not much leaving him at RB3/4 range for his rookie season and for as long as he’s in Tennessee. 


Dalton Keene | New England Patriots | No. 101 overall 

Dalton Keene said he tried to model his game off of NFL star tight end George Kittle. Kittle plays with determination and gives his all every time he’s on the field. Keene is quite similar to Kittle because he does a little bit of everything. He’s 6’4”, 253 pounds and has great blocking ability. Belichick can utilize him in many ways too as he can play the fullback position, with James Develin retiring recently, and even the H-back position. Keene certainly won’t be much of a fantasy option during his career, but could see TE3 numbers if he improves his hands. 


Adam Trautman | New Orleans Saints | No. 105 overall 

Adam Trautman is another huge tight end standing at 6’5”, 255 pounds, but he went to one of the best offenses possible. New Orleans loves to use their tight end position considering Jared Cook has been putting up solid fantasy numbers the last few seasons. Trautman is huge, but needs to improve on his blocking ability if he wants to excel in the NFL. He has great hands and used to play basketball in college, so he has the ability to fight for high-point catches. Trautman will likely compete for snaps with Cook, but should float around TE2 numbers his rookie season. 


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