Tunnel Vision: 2019 Team by Team Fantasy Hot Takes


Sure, anyone can predict things like, Mike Evans will lead the Buccaneers in receptions. Even I can see this, and I am blind. But what are some hot and spicy takes? Takes which may also help you in fantasy by looking at some players lower down the roster who may have the potential to perform. This is where these predictions come in to play.

No Antonio Brown is the leading receiver in Oakland here. Only a little nugget from each team. No hard-hitting analysis, just some good fun. While some of these may seem a bit wild, they are predictions which I can see happening. They are not just going to be hot for the sake of being hot. We all know people who do this, and it is just as harmful as not having any takes. So why these may not be popular takes, they are legitimate ones which I feel could happen. Notice the world could and not will.






Buffalo Bills- The leading rusher on the team will be Devin Singletary: With a rebuilt offensive line which has already been demolished by injury, it will come down to the youngest of the backs to provide any rush power in this offense.


Miami Dolphins- The player with the most receptions on the team will be Kenyon Drake: The team does not have a potent offense. If Josh Rosen gets into the lineup sooner rather than later, he will be forced to check down a lot behind a bad offensive line.


New England Patriots- Julian Edelman will play all 16 games: This may not seem so hot, but he has only done so twice in his career. This would mean great things for the Patriots as well as their receivers’ group is less than stellar and need this to happen.


New York Jets- Robby Anderson will finish as a top 24 receiver for fantasy: The only real threat in this is how much work might Le’ Veon Bell get in the passing game. The Jets will be lower paced on offense, but Anderson is the downfield threat, and Sam Darnold will look for him to complete a lot of big passes to as the Jets try to catch up to opponents.




Baltimore Ravens- Justice Hill will have the most rush yards on the team: The Ravens brought in Mark Ingram to help in the backfield. He surely will, but he is a better compliment back to someone else. That someone else will be rookie Justice Hill. Of course, this is yardage for a running back. Lamar Jackson could lead the team at any position in rushing.


Cincinnati Bengals- Tyler Eiffert will play in at least 12 games and finish as a top 10 tight end: I said it. I may live to regret it, but he is still uber talented. If he can stay healthy and, on the field, he will easily finish top 10.


Cleveland Browns- Jarvis Landry will finish with over 100 receptions: He may only finish with 800 yards, but will Odell Beckham across from him, he will light up opposing defenses in the slot in 2019. Watch out for this offense.


Pittsburgh Steelers- Jalen Samuels will finish with the second-most receptions on the team: Everyone is talking about whether James Washington or Donte Moncrief will be the number two receiver. Well, I don’t know either, but Jalen Samuels will be the one with the second-most receptions.




Houston Texans-Duke Johnson will have more catches than Keke Coutee or Will Fuller: The Texans traded a lot for Johnson. Not just because Bill O’Brian doesn’t know what he is doing, but also because he wants to use him often. This means he will see plenty of work and have 70 to 80 receptions.


Indianapolis Colts- Hines will have more receptions than T.Y. Hilton: Hilton is excellent, but he is not known as a high reception guy. Hines will produce a lot out of the backfield whether it be from Andrew Luck or Jacoby Brissett.


Jacksonville Jaguars- Dede Westbrook will finish with more than 90 receptions: Sure, he is the W.R. one on the team. A team which wants to run the ball a lot. But Nick Foles loves his slot receiver, and he will find Westbrook early and often in the season.


Tennessee Titans- A.J. Brown will out produce Corey Davis: I have never been a Davis truther. But this is strictly business as Michael Corleone would say. Brown is more talented, and with Mariota trying to save his job, he will target the more talented player.




Denver Broncos- Royce Freeman, will finish with more fantasy points than Phillip Lindsay: Lindsay was a great story last season. But stories don’t always have happy endings. The Broncos drafted Freeman in the third-round last season from Oregon, and they will want to show why he was drafted, and Lindsay wasn’t.


Kansas City Chiefs- Damien Williams will lead the AFC in Rushing: There are four or five backs we consider studs. They are all in the NFC. This makes it possible the only competition for Williams is James Conner. Especially if Melvin Gordon continues his holdout. Sure, Joe Mixon is there also, but the Bengals are a mess, and the offensive line will lead to more throwing than rush attempts for Mixon. I like my chances.


Los Angeles Chargers- Hunter Henry will have more receptions, yards, and touchdowns than Mike Williams: Williams was good last season. This has made him this year’s darling. Well, Henry was not there, and we know how much Philip Rivers loves his tight end. This is what Williams was last season. But it is precisely what Henry is this year.


Oakland Raiders- Jalen Richard will have more touchdowns than Josh Jacobs: Jacobs is good. But the Raiders aren’t. This means a lot of throwing to catch up and Jalen Richard will be on the field a lot. If the Raiders were better, Jacobs would easily win this battle. But, with the pass work, Richard will get, the touchdowns which eluded him last season will come this season.







Dallas Cowboys- Amari Cooper will not get to 2,000 yards receiving: Ok. Not a hot take. But it’s the Cowboys, and I am a Saints and Eagles fan, so I had to take a shot at them.


New York Giants- Evan Engram will lead the team in receiving yards and receiving touchdowns: Saquon Barkley will likely lead the team in receptions. But it will be Engram who leads in yardage and touchdowns. He will finish as a top-two tight end if this happens.


Philadelphia Eagles- Zach Ertz will finally get to double-digit touchdowns: It is hard to have a hot take about Ertz. He will regress in receptions and targets, but in this offense, he will finally hit ten touchdowns.


Washington Redskins- Adrian Peterson will again lead the team in rushing with over 1,000 yards: Derrius Guice is a nice story. But he is a story for hopefully 2020. This season will belong to the veteran back yet again.




Chicago Bears- David Montgomery will lead the NFL in rushing: I may like Montgomery too much but whatever. The Bears want to run, and lately, rookies have been the leading rushers in the league. So, give to the rookie with the most opportunity to be on a good team in a good offense. And you can get him at 35 to 1 in Las Vegas.


Detroit Lions- Marvin Jones will finish with more fantasy points than Kenny Golladay: Jones had a down season in 2018 due to injury to both him and Matthew Stafford. With both back healthy, the connection will again be strong, and he will light it up in 2019, going four rounds after Golladay.


Green Bay Packers- Aaron Rodgers will lead the league in yardage and pass touchdowns: He is on a mission. Not a mission from god-like the Blues Brothers, but a mission to prove McCarthy was holding him back. Opponents better prepare.


Minnesota Vikings- Kirk Cousins, will finish as a top-eight quarterback: Not only does he have two top 15 receivers, but he also has a top 10 running back who can catch the ball. Even in a down season last season he still finished at Q.B. 9 so why is he going as Q.B. 20 this season?




Atlanta Falcons- Julio Jones will reach 2,000 yards: I know he said he wants 3,000 and that’s nice. He will be happy with 2,000 and so will his fantasy owners. Now if he would score touchdowns.


Carolina Panthers- Ian Thomas will finish with more fantasy points than Gregg Olsen: Cam Newton loves the tight end. Especially Olsen. But in the decline of Olsen, he will learn to cherish Ian Thomas and will make him a top 15 tight end this season.


New Orleans Saints- Drew Brees will not finish as a top 10 quarterback: It pains me to say this. Brees is still great, but the team is moving more run-heavy, and he is all on board for this. He is a great real-life quarterback, but for fantasy, the time has passed, and he is more of a streamer.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Peyton Barber will be a top 30 running back: Neither running back is all that great. But someone has to excel, and it will be the one who has the hands to catch the ball. That being Barber in the 10th round and not Ronald Jones in the eighth.



Arizona Cardinals- Larry Fitzgerald will have 100 receptions: The air raid offense has arrived. It counts a lot on the slot receiver, and this is Fitzgerald. He will again return to the 100-catch club and will walk away as the number two receiver of all-time.


Los Angeles Rams- Todd Gurley will have 18 touchdowns again: Whether he is limited or not, he will get the goal-line work. And he is still Todd Gurley. Whether he has the same rush stats as before, I don’t know, but the touchdowns will be there.


San Francisco 49ers- Matt Breda will lead the team in rush touchdowns: Tevin Coleman is good. But he showed last season he is not that good. This will allow Matt Breda to overtake him in the absence of Jerick McKinnon to take over the main rush work for the 49ers.


Seattle Seahawks- Chris Carson will have 50 catches: I know the team said they want him to have 50 targets, but he is the better player than Penny. After they finally realize it, he will get his due share and will show what he has. Not only as a rusher but also a receiver.

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