Tunnel Vision 2019: Week 3 Review

Tunnel Vision 2019: Week 3 Review
Fantasy Four-Pack

This past week was the week of the young quarterback.

Some impressed. And some? Not so much.

Let us take a look at the four who started their first games of the season and try to decide which one you may want to go forward.

Kyle Allen| QB| Carolina Panthers

What a start. Four touchdown pass and 261 yards on 19 for 26. The most important stat? His team won. Of course, this was against the Cardinals who’s secondary is so bad they idolize the Dolphins right now.

As they say, though, you can only beat the team in front of you. And this is just what he did. He was able to connect with tight end Gregg Olson for two touchdowns showing that, much like Cam Newton, he will utilize the position very well. It didn’t hurt the matter that Arizona is dreadful against the position also.

Against Houston this week in his second road game, the tide might change. Although not great, the defense for the Texans is much superior to Arizona. J.J. Watt will look to pressure him and make him rush. This may lead to more mistakes — something he did not have last week.

We don’t know how long Cam Newton is going to remain sidelined. For the sake of his fantasy owners, we can only hope it is a long time, and he comes back fully healthy. But until this happens, it looks like an audition for Allen. If Ron Rivera is gone after the season, Came Newton may not be far behind. His contract only runs through next season, and he is not the type of quarterback who looks to be able to play late into his 30’s.

More than likely, this means the Kyle Allen experiment may last a while. If it does, he can be a mid-level QB two for the rest of the season. In dynasty leagues, he needs to be rostered. For redraft? He is another streamer option among many. But not this week

Teddy Bridgewater| QB| New Orleans Saints

With Alvin Kamara taking over the game, Teddy Bridgewater did not have to win the game for the Saints in Week 3. But importantly, he did nothing to lose it for them either. The defense, as well as the run game, caused a lot of havoc for Seattle. If they continue this trend, the Saints should stay afloat until Drew Brees returns in early November.

It is clear of all the players on this list, Bridgewater has the most surrounding talent. Both on offense and maybe more importantly, on defense. He will not have to do everything himself, and more importantly, he already has starting experience in this type of situation from his time in Minnesota.

He is less of a streaming option than the others. Not just because he is going to be more of a game manager, but also because the Saints will rely heavily on the running of Alvin Kamara. Even more so than Christian McCaffrey in Carolina and James Conner in Pittsburgh.

He might be an alright start this week as the high-powered Dallas Cowboys come to town. But in most weeks, he should be left alone, which is tough to say about a New Orleans quarterback. But in this case, it is true.

Daniel Jones| QB| New York Giants

What else can you say but wow? Sure, he had two fumbles. But he made up for them with poise as well as two touchdowns each in the passing game and run game. Yes. No statue of Eli in the backfield anymore.

The injury to Saquon Barkley will hurt. How could it not? But it will also force the Giants to be more pass-heavy. And this can only be good for Mr. Jones and his fantasy owners.

After taking the job from Eli Manning, there is no way the Giants can go back on their decision. This means unless there is an injury, Jones should remain the quarterback for the rest of the season. This week, against Washington, in his first home game, could be a great place to give him his first start for you also. I mean they just gave up three touchdown passes to Mitchell Trubisky. Mitchell Trubisky folks. I mean, think about that. The Redskins have seemingly already given up on the season and on Jay Gruden. I mean neither Gruden should have a job. But I digress.

The next two weeks will be difficult as New York takes on the Patriots and Vikings. But he should have more streamer value than anyone else on this list by far. Bridgeway and Allen are only going to be part-time starters for now, and Mason Rudolph is, well Mason Rudolph.

Not only is Daniel Jones, a good streamer. But if he continues to show the poise, he did against Tampa Bay; he may be a top 12 quarterback the rest of the way this season. Especially after the return of Golden Tate to help the receiving group.

Mason Rudolph| QB| Pittsburgh Steelers

On the other end of the spectrum from the other three is Mason Rudolph. Even against a not all that good San Francisco 49ers defense, he only managed 14 of 27 for 174 yards with two TD and one int. This showing does not bode well for the Steelers chances to do anything in the AFC North this season. They are lucky the Browns are playing as bad as they are, or Pittsburgh would be all the talk.

Still winless, they luckily get to take on Andy Dalton and the Bengals in primetime Monday night. A game which should finally get them their first win of the season.

Juju Smith-Shuster is becoming a great receiver. But he is not there yet. With Rudolph behind center, it may take yet another year for him to reach superstar level fully. James Conner is also having a down season. Having only one eluded tackle on all his rushes this season.

Although he is not on the field 90% of the time like last season, he is still getting over 75% of the rushes and 81% of targets from the backfield. Both these numbers show he is still a bell cow. He will need to keep up this pace for anything to happen in western Pennsylvania.

Knowing this also means less pass work for Rudolph and not many fantasy-relevant weeks in his future. There is barely going to be a week in which he can be started. Maybe in the depth of the bye week season, there might be a game. But I doubt it. Of all the players listed, he is clearly number four on the value chart. He is also the only one who there is no chance of wanting to roster for any reason. I mean unless a meteor hits the earth and he is the only quarterback left standing. Then? Maybe I’d give him a shot.