Tunnel Vision 2019: Week 4 Review


Tunnel Vision 2019: Week 4 review

Well, it was a crazy week. The Raiders beat the Colts. The Browns finally looked half decent in beating the Ravens. And the Buccaneers laid a whooping on the Rams in Los Angeles. I mean, if the Dolphins had won, the world might have ended. But that may come in their next game against Washington. Oh man, what a game that will b. I can’t wait to miss it.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

Looking back at Week 4, there were some great performances. Chris Goodwin for those Tampa Bay Buccaneers had a great game. He was matched in the same game by Mike Evans, who had a second great game in a row. All it took was for Jameis Winston to throw for four touchdowns and the team to score 55 points. This should be repeatable. Right?

It is going to be a difficult situation to figure out between these two receivers. Both should be considered as top 24 plays the rest of the season. If Bruce Arians can keep this team rolling, they could both even finish as top 12 receivers. Much the Way Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs have in Minnesota. Or even the way the Rams have with their trio of pass-catchers in recent seasons.

I still don’t fully trust Winston. His favorite turnover is not apple but interceptions. This keeps him a nervous play, despite his receivers both being must starts.

This week Tampa Bay travels to New Orleans and goes against a defense who just held the Cowboys to 10 points on Sunday night. Coming off an emotional win, this could be a trap game for those Buccaneers. So, this is a good game to fade Winston for sure. As for the run game? Who knows? It is like trying to pick from the last two of something. They are both bruised and battered. But one of them is going to pan out somehow.


Todd Gurley:

We were all concerned about Todd Gurley coming into the season. And now we should be even more worried.

Sure, his two touchdowns were nice. Getting them on only five carries wasn’t. The Rams are limiting his work in a significant way, but it is not a good thing for our fantasy teams. And that is, of course, what is most important.

The name value of Gurley still means a lot in trade talks. There are always those out there who will feel his time is still coming this season. If you can find the person in your league who feels this way, you should immediately make an offer to them and see if they bite. If you are that person? Sorry. Cut bait while you have a chance. If Gurley can only get 11 touches in a game with 95 points scored, it does not bode well for his usage stats as the season moves forward. Make an offer. Take a chance. It is the only way to have fun and win.


Devonta Freeman:

I had a lot of high hopes for Freeman this season. Not only has he been bad, but the Falcons as a team are horrible.

The sad thing about Devonta Freeman is, he is still getting the work. He is still getting over 65% of the work in the run game and receiving work from the backfield. He is just unable to do anything with it. Atlanta spent two first-round picks on offensive linemen in the 2019 draft. Neither of them has done a thing to impress. They are struggling so bad; they should be on the Houston Texans. I mean, really. What we had all hoped was getting better has instead gotten worse. Luckily Julio Jones is excellent and can still perform. Otherwise, this team would be a complete dumpster fire for fantasy and real football alike.

The Falcons barely pulled out a win in Week 2 against the Eagles. If their play lately is of any measure, it may be a long time before they get another one. Freeman has felt the Biggest brunt of this failure. Whereas he was seen as a top 15 back to start the season, he will be lucky to finish top 24 at this point.

This might be the swan song for Dan Quinn in Atlanta. The defensive coach has not had a good defense since he was hired. And his offensive coordinators have not done anything good since bolting for the 49ers after the Super Bowl.

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