Tunnel Vision 2019: Week 8


Tunnel Vision 2019: Week 7

Mid-Season Takeaways

Some takeaways from the 2019 season thus far are simple. The Patriots are good. Despite their easy schedule, it is easy to see. The Dolphins suck. No matter their schedule, but that is their plan. Other things are more surprising: The Eagles being so bad, the Rams being awful, and even the 49ers being undefeated through six games.

So, what are some fantasy takeaways from this season? Let’s take a look at some.

Quarterbacks are a shot in the dark- There are always two sides to every coin; whether it be politics or football. In this case, it is quarterbacks. Should you take an elite player early? Or use the late-round quarterback approach?

So far, in 2019, five quarterbacks currently ranked in the top 12 were drafted outside the top 12 at the position. Players like Jackson, Prescott, Cousins, and Brady all fall into this category. On the other hand, Baker Mayfield was drafted as the number four and Aaron Rodgers as the number three at the position.

Rodgers had a great game this past week but beforehand was a disappointment so far. As for Mayfield, what can you say? He is playing terrible. Not only is he failing for fantasy, but be might be the biggest failure in the NFL this season. For fantasy, he is the 16th ranked quarterback. And things do not look to be getting better any time soon behind the offensive line currently being fielded by Cleveland.

This is a long way to say, don’t just go by rankings. Look into the situation the player finds themselves in. Would you rather have Lamar Jackson and Leonard Fournette this season? Or Patrick Mahomes and Justice Hill? Hmm. Not a hard decision.

Analysts will always be wrong on players- Whether it be you, me, or anyone else, we all look at other analysts and base our thoughts, at least partly, on what they think.

Everyone has their favorite analysts — the ones they trust.

Whether it be Matthew Berry, Field Yates, Evan Silva, or the fantasy footballers, we all have our go-to guys. But they will tell you just as I am. We are all lucky if we get half of our calls right.

We all saw the flack Matthew Berry got for his C-Patterson love a few years back. Or the crap Matt Harmon got for continually recommending Allen Robinson after his excellent season. Be always harp on the bad. But what about the good.

Does anyone commend Mike Clay for fading Jeremy Langford in Chicago? Or Matt Harmon for telling everyone to get Chris Godwin everywhere possible as a rookie?

This goes for every season, including 2019. Everyone loved Chris Godwin. Well, everyone except our own Adam. And we were right as he is currently the WR two in fantasy. But most of us also loved a player like Dante Pettis. How has that prediction turned out for us?

There will always be hits and misses. In life and fantasy football. You have to take the good with the bad. Please don’t take it out on analysts or even worse the player themselves. They do not care about your fantasy team. And those of you who trash players or analysts for this stupid game are, in the words of Matthew Berry. Like the sixth-worst people on earth.

No one is immune from injury- Draft Saquon Barkley. He never gets hurt. Patrick Mahomes is the sure-fire quarterback one. He will never get hurt. The offensive line in Kansas City is too good.

All of these narratives coming into the season. But both of them failed to come true. Injuries happen. More often than we would care to think. Or admit. That is why depth is so crucial on a fantasy roster. Don’t just think because you have Saquon Barkley; you are set at the running back position. Just because you have Davante Adams doesn’t mean you can punt the WR position until late in drafts.

The narratives are nice. But they rarely come to fruition. No one can see injuries coming. There is no such thing as time travel. There never will be. Otherwise, I would already have brought back Gray’s Sports Almanac and pulled a Biff Tannen. Don’t think I wouldn’t have. If I didn’t, someone else would have. But this is a long way to say predictions are just that. Predictions. They are not set in stone, and no one truly knows what the future will hold.

Take this season as an example of why you should not solely rely on stars only. Yes, the stars are magnificent. But you also need to fill out a roster. I mean, this is football — not some crappy NBA game where one player can change a team entirely every game.

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