Tunnel Vision: Week 1 Review


Tunnel Vision 2019: Week 1 Review

Well, Week 1 of the 2019 season is in the books. We have seen a lot of things to like and a lot to dislike.

Is Mike Davis really going to be the RB one in Chicago? Well, Tyler Lockett really catch a touchdown on every reception? Of course not. Which is why we don’t want to overreact to the first game of the season. Or for some, the final game of the preseason as it were.

We don’t need to overreact, but if certain things continue, we will need to worry. So which situations do we need to watch carefully? And which are just one-week mirages?

The running back situation in Chicago. Everyone, including me, figured this was going to be the David Montgomery show. Maybe some Tarik Cohen mixed in as well.

Maybe it was because of the injury to Anthony Miller or perhaps it was planned ahead of time, but Cohen was not the compliment to Montgomery. Instead Cohen was lined up in the slot, and in fact, David Montgomery was the compliment to Mike Davis. This made everyone nervous who used a fourth-round pick on the rookie from Iowa State. But this should change going forward.

Montgomery looked better than Davis with the ball. Talent in the NFL wins out more often than not. Montgomery is talented and should finally take over the lead role. The most concerning part was the usage in the passing game where Davis had seven targets to Monty’s one. This was due more to Davis getting more run Thursday as the Bears get the rookie acclimated to the grind of the league. As he garners more and more snaps, David Montgomery will continue to get the pass work along with the first and second-down work in the offense.

I am not worried yet. But if it continues to happen for another week or two, I will be extremely worried about my pick for rookie of the year in 2019.

Lamar Jackson the number one quarterback for fantasy- Lamar Jackson is not as good as the Week 1 numbers would lead you to believe. The Dolphins, on the other hand? They are as bad as advertised. This said, don’t expect a 17-20 day with five touchdowns from Jackson weekly or well, ever probably. But it was a good start for the much-criticized Jackson.

Sure, some of the stats are going to be unsustainable. Marquise Brown is not going to be able to catch four passes for two touchdowns only running eight routes and playing on 12 snaps. Not only is no one this good, but he is already injured again, and we will have to see how productive he is going forward. What’s more, the Ravens still want to be a run-first team. Mark Ingram had a solid game. This should only continue as the teams they encounter to get better, and they use the run game to milk the clock down and win the game with their defense. Should Justice Hill prove to be as good as many hopes, this will only add to the mix limiting the upside of Jackson even further.

Sure, Lamar Jackson looks like a top-five fantasy quarterback now. But is it sustainable? We will have to wait and see. No, He won’t fall off the face of the earth. I mean the earth is not flat, so he can’t. He may be more of a top 10 quarterback, opposed to a top 3 QB.

Will the real Shady, please stand up – Andy Reid doesn’t use a committee back system. Well, he never had a back up as talented as LeSean McCoy. Even at this point in his career, McCoy is a good running back. He is also intimately familiar with the Reid offense which makes him a great person to finally give this role to.

10 carries for 81 yards is nothing to sneeze at. Sure, Damien Williams still outrushed him 13 to 10. But whereas Williams had 26 yards on 2.0 a carry, the 8.1 per carry from Shady shows he still has some left in the tank for 2019. The offense looks to be still humming forward this season. There will be plenty of room in the offense for both. Especially with the Tyreek Hill injury making the run game even more important. This should help both runners in Kansas City.

Damien Williams no longer has the top eight upside he did before the move to Acquire McCoy after he was cut by Buffalo. This move was also a boon for Shady who went from a top 40 back to a top 24ish back. It is easy to say this was only because of the move into a better offense. But my feeling is it also has a lot to do with another factor. LeSean McCoy is still good and just needed a chance on a good team. He has it. And after Week 1, it looks like he is going to run with it. So, in leagues where he is on waivers? Go get your RB 2 or flex for the season. And if you already have him? He was likely your fourth or even fifth running back.  Excellent drafting to you good sir. Or ma’am.

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