Tunnel Vision: Week 6

Dominick Petrillo @EnvisionFF

Tunnel Vision: Week 6

Trade Edition

We are half way to the trade deadline in most leagues, so this week we will take a look at some players whom you either may want to trade for or you might want to trade away. It is said that fantasy leagues are not won at the draft and this is true. But it is also true leagues can be won or lost through moves which are made or not made throughout the season. So, let’s take a look at some of those moves and help you win.

Trade Targets

Aaron Jones – RB | Green Bay Packers

If Aaron Rodgers comes out in the media and declares he wants you behind him on the field, you’d better believe it is going to happen. This is exactly what has happened with Aaron Jones. While Ty Montgomery and Jamal Williams are still in the backfield, Jones has been worked in over the last three weeks and this should only increase further after the Week 7 bye for the Packers. He is the most talented back on the team and the best part for you is the fact he is not considered a running back one meaning he will be cheaper to acquire than others you may be looking at.

The likes of James Conner or ever Carlos Hyde are going to cost considerably more than Mr. Jones and especially in the case of a player like Conner, we do not know what is going to happen with the return of Le’Veon Bell to the lineup whenever it should occur. With the injuries piling up in the receiving group for the Packers it would be beneficial for the team to put Montgomery back into the slot position and leave the backfield for Aaron Jones. If this happens, Jones will finish in the running back one conversation and will help your team without breaking the bank to get him.

Russell Wilson – QB | Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks suck. I know this and so do all the fans of the team. They are in a clear rebuild even though they won’t admit it and their only true star anymore is quarterback Russell Wilson. The one good thing about being so bad is the necessity to rely on the passing game and we have seen in recent years that Russell Wilson is able to do just this without an offensive line or a running game.

With Chris Carson and Mike Davis, the running game is average at best and when you add in rookie Rashaad Penny? Well, they may get worse than average. With Tyler Lockett, Doug Baldwin and even in a smaller role Brandon Marshall contributing, the passing game is the only thing which will keep games close in the latter half of the season. Wilson is known to be a second-half quarterback which makes it a great idea to trade for him now before he blows up and will cost more to get him. If you are able to turn a wide receiver two into Wilson from someone who is struggling, you would be a fool not to. Russell Wilson has the ability to have a monster second half after rejuvenating during their upcoming bye week so go get him now and watch him flourish in primetime.

Keenan Allen – WR | Los Angeles Chargers

We are still waiting for the true break out game from Keenan Allen. He is like a volcano, we don’t know when he is going to explode, but when he does? Watch out. With games remaining against such defensive stalwarts as the Raiders, Cardinals, and Steelers there is going to be plenty of opportunities for Allen to get right moving forward. We know he has the ability and with Mike Williams taking up residence on the opposite side of the field and the possible return of Hunter Henry the weapons are there to keep defenses honest when they play the Chargers.

There have been many leagues in which Allen has been sold off for less than market value due to his lackluster start, but if you are a team with a winning record and the rest of your team is solid, Allen is a sure-fire target to upgrade your wide receivers come playoff time.

Kenyan Drake – RB | Miami Dolphins

While not the biggest Kenyon Drake fan, he is clearly the most talented back in Miami. Saying this he is only really competing for time against the ageless wonder Frank Gore in the Dolphins backfield. Adam Gase is fighting for his job and if he wants to keep it, he cannot just rely on the skill of Ryan Tannehill and Kenny Stills. This team may have started 3-0 but it was against the Titans, Raiders, and Jets. Once they got to a better caliber of team like the Patriots and Bengals they got straight molly-whopped. It is imperative for the Dolphins to find the running game they have been missing and this means more work for Drake. Much like Aaron Jones above, Drake is not going to cost a lot to get him, nor should you pay a lot for him, but a trade of say Lamar Miller for Kenyon Drake makes a lot of sense. They are both in the same boat only Lamar Miller does not have an oar to paddle out of the oncoming wave whereas Drake does. Don’t pay to much for him, but if you are looking to improve your running backs for the second half, Kenyon Drake is a prime target.

Kerryon Johnson – RB | Detroit Lions

The running game for the Lions has not been something you want to chance points from ever since the retirement of Barry Sanders. Up until this season, they had not had a 100-yard runner in over three years. The man to break the trend as well as look good in limited action while doing it is rookie Kerryon Johnson. While he is still not the fulltime starter for Detroit look for this to change coming out of the bye week as they should, and I say should give him the role over the likes of LeGarrette Blount and Theo Riddick. Riddick will still have a role as the third-down back in passing situations, but even this is relatively unneeded as Johnson is a competent pass catcher and could fill all roles nicely. With Golden Tate, Marvin Jones Jr. and Kenny G manning the wide receiver roles, the defenses will not be game planning for Johnson any time soon meaning at least for a while, he could continue putting up borderline running back one numbers. In a weaker than anticipated NFC North in 2018, the Lions could remain in the hunt for longer than expected and if this continues, Kerryon will also continue to have value. Much more value than it would take to trade for him in your fantasy league.

Trade While You Can:

Julio Jones – WR | Atlanta Falcons

Why would you want to trade one of the best receivers in the NFL? Well, because you can get a lot for him. Maybe even two of the players listed above. While Jones is one of the best receivers in the league, it comes in spirts. Last season Jones had as many weeks in the top 10 at receiver as he did outside the top 40. Is this someone you really want to trust in playoff games or play-in games?


With the running game of Freeman and Coleman, not to mention the breakout of Calvin Ridley. Jones, while still, the number one target will still find it harder to boom. Especially considering his lack of usage in the red zone. He has never been a high touchdown player as shown by his three last season and zero so far in 2018. If you can trade him for a receiver with more touchdown upside or even a running back or two with upside you should move on from Julio and get those players with a higher ceiling for the rest of 2018.

Lamar Miller – RB | Houston Texans

It is not a good sign when you are active for a game, yet you still do not play. Instead, you watch your backup play the entire game. To make matters worse, your true backup is about to come off the PUP list and is going to eat even more into your workload in a few weeks. This is the exact situation Lamar Miller finds himself in after watching all the rushes on Sunday go to Alfred Blue and Knowing it is only a matter of time until D’Onta Foreman returns to the field taking even more work away.

If you can swing Miller into any type of functional trade it would be the best thing to do it now before he loses even more work and instead of trading him, you would have to drop him. Going against the Bills crumby defense this week should give him a good platform for you to showcase to other owners. If you can trade him next week, this would most likely be the height of his value and therefore would help your team the most. As stated above, if you can get a player like Kenyon Drake or even Kerryon Johnson for him this would be a boon and make sure you accept it right away.

DeSean Jackson – WR | Tampa Bay Buccaneers

DeSean Jackson has had some monster games this season. Both against the Saints in Week 1 and the Eagles in Week 2. Both of these things have one thing in common. A lack of Jameis Winston trying to throw him the ball. Not only is Winston not a good deep ball thrower, but we also saw last season his lack of proclivity to use Jackson as a part of the offense.

While the return of Winston means good things for players such as Cameron Brate and possibly the running backs, it is not such a feeling for Jackson who may end up being the odd man out. In Week 6 against the Falcons, DeSean Jackson could have a good game based on the number of points which should be scored but once this week is over, much like Lamar Miller, you should pull the ripcord and get out while you still can.

After a good week this week, there is a good chance you can get a wide receiver two for Jackson. Players the likes of Will Fuller or Sammy Watkins are a real likelihood. If you are able to do a trade for a player like this, they will bring you more upside going forward than Jackson and the trade should be done. If you can get more for him? Amen. Either way, after this week, make it known he is on your trade block and see what unfolds. I bet you will be happily surprised what you will be offered to get out from under him before the floor falls away.

Sterling Shepard – WR | New York Giants

Shepard has had two solid games this season. One of them was in the Texans game in which Evan Engram was injured during the game and the other was against the Saints. While the Saints defense is getting better they give up loads of points to slot receivers not to mention Engram also missed this game. Saying this Engram is due to come back in the next few weeks and when he does the sudden check down artist known as Eli will feed Engram the ball and Shepard will go back to the fourth option in the offense.

This will not much affect the likes of Beckham and Barkley and their numbers, the hit to Shepard will be great and already being a low-end wide receiver three, this will put him out of consideration in most weeks even for a flex start.

While it is too late to trade him this week as he has the Thursday night game against the Eagles which should be a good matchup for him, you will want to trade him before Engram returns to the lineup. If you can do so and obtain a player like Mike Williams or a Tyler Lockett, they will do much more for you in coming weeks than Sterling Shepard will. Get out while you can and get all the value you can before all is lost in coming weeks.


When it comes to all the players on both of these lists, much like all analysis some will be right, and some will be wrong. But as they say, I should have seen it coming. With the players on these lists, I have seen things coming (no pun intended) and these are smart and some may say safe moves for these players. For those of you who this helps? Awesome, that’s great. For those who it doesn’t? I am sorry, but we had fun anyway I hope.

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