Tunnel Vision Week 7: What to Do? What to Do?

Dominick Petrillo


Tunnel Vision Week 7: What to Do? What to Do?

With the fantasy season almost half over, it is time to look at some disappointing players and decide what to do with them before the playoff push starts. Are these players going to have a rejuvenation in the second half or should we cut bait and run? Let’s find out together.

Jordan Howard: With the sudden emergence of Mitchell Trubisky and the effectiveness of Tarik Cohen in the bears offense, there is a lot of reasons to fear what is in store for Jordan Howard going forward in this season. Although still the dominant running game back, the team is relying less and less on the run and Cohen has shown to be more to the liking of Matt Nagy.  Coming from the Andy Reid tree, Nagy likes to employ a dual-threat back the likes of LeSean McCoy, Kareem Hunt, and Jamal Charles. This fits more in line with Cohen than it does Howard, and this is likely to leave Howard more and more the odd man out. Most likely you will try to get a lot for him as he was probably your running back one after the draft, but if you want to better your team come playoff time, it would be beneficial if you take a loss on this one and get a solid running back and possibly wide receiver who will help you come playoff time instead of being a hindrance in your starting lineup.

Larry Fitzgerald: While it would be east or give a short answer on this one and say dump him the truth is he may still have some trade value based on his name for some people in your leagues. If you can trade him for a wide receiver two or three, do it in a heartbeat. While Larry has not lost it as much as it has appeared, his team is so bad it is exacerbating his production even more. With the switch to Rosen at quarterback the evolution of Christian Kirk as the number one receiver has been in full flight and with David Johnson there as an elite running back talent, Fitzgerald is the odd man out. Trade him while you can. If you can’t? I hate to say it but, use his as a drop to the waiver wire next time you need to pick someone up.

Blake Bortles: Oh, the garbage man can. Yes, when the Jaguars were dismal Blake Bortles was able to buoy his stats in garbage time as shown again against the Chiefs in Week 5. The problem is the Jaguars are not a dismal team anymore, so the garbage time is becoming less and less and therefor Bortles just sucks in most weeks without the meaningless stat compilation.

While the rest of his team has improved around him, Bortles still stays the same or maybe even worse and this will continue going forward. If he is on your roster as a bye week fill in, he may be alright depending on the matchup. If he is your starting quarterback? Get rid of him for someone with more upside like Mitchell Trubisky, Jameis Winston or even Joe Flacco. The era of the garbage time Bortles’ production is over and all that is left is Garbage Bortles.

T.Y. Hilton: After missing the past two games due to a groin injury T.Y. Hilton may even be available to pick up on your waiver wire. He was on mine this week. With this said, Andrew Luck has the most completions and pass attempts through the first six weeks and he will continue to be near the top even with the return of Marlon Mack. The Colts defense is not good ranking 23rd in total defense and 27th in points allowed. The offense and Andrew Luck is going to have to continue to throw to keep up and T.Y. Hilton is the best receiver on the team when healthy. Although Ryan Grant and Chester Rogers have filled in during his absence, Hilton will take over the number one role when he returns, and he is the trusted performer for both Luck and the Colts. If he is on your waiver wire, grab him up and if not, see if you can get him in a trade for the playoffs.

Randall Cobb: Is Randall Cobb still on your roster? Are you holding on to him in hopes he repeats his Week 1 line of nine receptions for 142 yards and a touchdown? Well, I hate to say it, but his time has passed this season. With the dominance of Adams and Allison not to mention Jimmy Graham in the offense the time has come to release Cobb onto the waiver pile. With all the pass catchers who have moved ahead of him in Green Bay as well as the return of Aaron Jones, Cobb has no value to Green Bay Aaron Rodgers and for those reasons your fantasy football team going forward.  There were high hopes for him coming into the season and even more so after his Week 1 performance, but in recent weeks whether it be through injury or costly drops and fumbles, he has worked his way out of favor and almost out of the rotation at wide receiver. Cobb has no value as a receiver in your lineup and little even as a flex. There are much better options you can find to fill his roster spot. A player like Taylor Gabriel or Jermaine Kearse will have much more value for the rest of the season so the time is right to deep Cobb and pick up a flyer for the stretch run.

Chris Hogan: Many people picked Hogan as the player to break out during the suspension to Julian Edelman to start the season. He was highly touted and over drafted because of this fact. With Edelman now back and Josh Gordon in the fold, his value is gone. During the first four weeks, he was lackluster at best and turned out to not be worth the investment made in him by drafters. While his nickname 7-11 makes you think he is always open the problem is, much like the real 7-11 you don’t really want a whole lot of what they have in the store. His inability to stay on the field or even be productive led directly to the trade for Josh Gordon so why now should we think he is going to get more playing time when the Patriots have more talent at their disposal. Hogan much like Cobb above has limited if any Value for the rest of the season and if you need to pick someone off the waiver wire for the stretch run, Hogan is a prime candidate to be dumped to make room.

Amari Cooper: Amari Cooper or Amari Pooper? Well, it all depends on the week really. One of the most inconsistent wide receivers on one of the worst teams with possibly the worst head coach in the league. Sorry, Hugh Jackson and Jeff Fisher. Coming into his career he was looked at as a rare talent, but it seems, much like his draft contemporary Kevin White, it is going to go mostly unfulfilled. Cooper is the best receiver in Oakland, but this is like saying I am the blindest guy at a blind convention. It really doesn’t matter when you have a quarterback who is inconsistent in an offense which harkens back to

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