Tyreek Hill is Back! Fantasy Impact


It is official. The NFL will not suspend Tyreek Hill. So, what can we expect from Hill and the rest of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2019? Good things.

Sammy Watkins takes a hit of course. Tyreek Hill finished as the WR one last season and will continue to be a top-five to 10 WR in 2019. With this said the days of Sammy Watkins finishing as a WR one is out. But he still has the potential to finish in the next tier of receivers.

Patrick Mahomes is quickly taking over as the top quarterback in the NFL. With 50 touchdowns and 5,000 yards in his first full season, the opportunity is there for two or even three receivers to have elite fantasy seasons. Obviously, this production will start with Tyreek Hill and tight end Travis Kelce. But this year, health provided it will also consist of Sammy Watkins. The oft-injured Watkins has actually missed fewer career games than Odell Beckham Jr. You heard me right. Sure, Beckham is more talented and hence is still considered a top-five receiver, but the injury-prone tag attached to Watkins may not be so deserved and his talent is also undeniable. Despite the news of Hill coming out, you should still consider drafting Sammy Watkins as a top 24 wide receiver for the season.

Look at teammates like Adam Thielen and Stefan Diggs or Brandin Cooks and Robert Woods. Two receivers in one offense can both have great seasons. In this case, I am betting on the duo with Patrick Mahomes to do just this. I mean if Jared Goff, Case Keenum, and Kirk Cousins can do it, why not Mahomes? With him firmly implanted as a top-three fantasy QB and Travis Kelce the TE one this team will only be infinitely better with Tyreek Hill.

Don’t forget about the rush game either. With Hill out, we needed to see where his targets would go. We assumed the team would need to throw more to the backs. Neither Damien Williams nor Carlos Hyde brings a lot to the table in this area. With Hill back, this is great for Williams. Andy Reid said he will get the shot and has earned it. Reid also does not use a committee back. This means when he says the man, he means the man. If you did not have Damien Williams in your top 12 before the Tyreek Hill news, you had better now. As Denny Carter would say: Adjust your rankings.

This team just went from one of the top offenses in the league to the top offense in the league. Much like Tom Hanks and Madonna they will be in a league of their own. If you bought Tyreek Hill cheap either in dynasty or in drafts? Congrats. If not? You severely missed out on your chance. He could be found in some drafts in double-digit rounds, you will now be lucky to find him in the third round. Be prepared to pay up for him.

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