Waiver Wire: Week 16

Waiver Wire: Week 16

Bye week teams: None

For this on-going waiver wire article I will be breaking skill players down into 3 categories and then concludes by recommending some likely free-agent Defenses to stream.

  • Game Changers: Game changers are exactly what they sound like. Players that through injury or opportunity rise up and become real impact players immediately. They may not be the best or most well-known players, but they are in a position to impact fantasy scores on a weekly basis.
  • Depth with upside: Again, the name is fairly self-explanatory. These are players that are just waiting for that opportunity to excel. Often they possess a solid talent and elite measurables, but they just have not had the opportunity to “break out” yet. This often includes handcuffs of underwhelming players or players that have started slow at deep positions, i.e. a QB or TE, that still have you believing in their talent.
  • Hail Mary’s: This section is easily going to be the highest turnover section of your roster. And in some cases, the players will literally change from day-to-day. They are often role players that flash or deeper roster players that may have moved up due to injury, trade, or just plain old ineffectiveness.

Game Changers:

Damien Williams – RB | Kansas City Chiefs

Damien Williams is not giving up the top spot as the Chiefs starter any time soon. He continues to produce at a higher level. He is already 67% owned, but there were some injuries last week that may force you to make some difficult decisions. The Chiefs head up to Seattle for the fantasy championship week for most of us. Williams is the clear receiving back as he lead the team in receiving yards this week. He would be at the top of my adds this week if he’s still available in your league.

Evan Engram – TE | New York Giants

If we continue to see Odel remain on the sidelines for the rest of the year, which would probably be in the best interest of the Giants in order to seel an early round draft pick, it could turn into the Evan Engram show like last year. The Colts are playing their assess off and just shutout the Cowboys, they are playing for a playoff spot and will be bringing it to the Giants at home in Indianapolis. Engram should be targeted at a high levelin a game they may be trailing in and playing catchup. Engram is 69% owned, but again this is your final week, so who youstart will ultimately decide your fate.

Jamaal Williams – RB | Green Bay Packers

Aaron Jones sprained his MCL and will likely keep him out for the rest of the season. That springs Jamaal Williams into the starting role. The Jets are 23rd in the NFL against the run and with neither of these teams vying for a playoff spot, I would expect some relatively basic playcalling for the packers interim coach which could focus on ball control and saving Aaron Rodgers arm for next year. However, I don’t’ think that’s what the Jets plan is, so this could potentially turn into a shootout, but I see Williams catching the ball as well in that scenario. Williams is only 17% owned

Depth With Upside:

Kalen Ballage – RB | Miami Dolphins

My favorite Franklin Gore went down with an injury that will keep him out for the rest of the season. Some would have said, oh perfect, that’s huge for Kenyan Drake, well, Drake saw one carry last week and Kalen Ballage was thrust into the every-down back role. Again this is the time of year when teams want to see what they have invested in. We haven’t seen much of Kalen Ballage this year, and the Dolphins I think technically could still make the playoffs, but it’s unlikely will probably go with the hot hand here and see what they have in the giant young running back. Now, I’ll probably be very wrong about this and Drake will see 100% of the snaps this week. Nonetheless,Ballage is 1% owned and as fresh legs as they come.

Robby Anderson – WR |New York Jets

The Green Bay Packers defense is garbage, but we all know what can happen when coaching changes happen mid-season. It can give a team a morale surge that can elevate their game to a level we haven’t seen this week. I would say that about the Packers, but they are playing in New York and the Jets aren’t playing for much either, so why not air it out against a team that will likely be doing the same. I like Robby to catch a long one in this game. Anderson isonly 26% owned

Hail Mary’s:

Mike Williams – WR | Los Angeles Chargers

If you started Williams by chance in any format, daily, weekly, yearly, you were excited and telling everyone in the room that you were watching football with, how awesome you are and you just knew he was gonna have one of his big weeks. Well, the Chargers get to go home and square up against the Ravens this week. Keenan Allen is likely to play, so that will take the best coverage off of Willams and allow him to again be the red zone threat he has become. Williams is 51% owned, but again, this is for one week, all the marbles, you gotta put in the right dudes to face up against your opponent to win, I think Williams is that guy this week.

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