Week 10 Review: Hail Mary

Dominick Petrillo

Week 10 Review: Hail Mary

There is only one thing to really talk about this week. And no, it is not how bad Seattle looked in Los Angeles. It is, of course, the Buffalo Bills vs. Arizona Cardinals game.

Arizona looked dead in the water from exceedingly early on in the game. Settling for field goals after long time-consuming drives were not what Kyler Murray and Cliff Kingsbury had in mind. Especially against a team with an offense like the Bills.

Josh Allen and Kyler Murray went back and forth for quite a while. Murray had two rush TDs while Allen, much to my dismay, did his damage through the air. Not just as a passer either, as he even caught a 12-yard TD pass to add to his total.

Despite this, he did not come out on top. Some of this had to do with his two interceptions late in the game. But most of it has to do with an incredible throw and catch by Murray and DeAndre Hopkins with two seconds left in the game. Rising above four defenders like a phoenix from the ashes, Hopkins gave the Cardinals life again in the division.

With yesterday’s loss, Seattle is now tied with Seattle for the division. With Seattle losing to both Arizona and Los Angeles, they have dropped to third place, with Arizona taking over first. Russell Wilson is still the best QB in this division. But the gap is narrowing on a week to week basis. And Wilson is showing that no one can do it by themselves. If he does not get help from the defense, the Seahawks will continue to fall down the NFC hierarchy.

Jameis’ time has come

Drew Brees is likely to be out for a game or two. This means Jameis Winston will be taking over for the Saints at the helm. The Cardinals will now have an excellent chance to overtake the number one seed from them. If this happens, they are going to be a difficult team to overcome in the playoffs. Patrick Peterson was severely beaten by Diggs on his TD catch yesterday. This does not happen often, and the defense for Arizona is playing better. Getting this together will go a long way to separating them from teams like, well, like Seattle, who are totally one-sided. If they can get the number one seed, their biggest competition may just be the Buccaneers, who had an offensive explosion yesterday as they and Tom Brady got back on track.

The Bills, on the other hand, are heading into their bye week off a heartbreaking loss. Having victory pulled out from under you is tough for any team. Sean McDermott is the type of coach who can keep the train going, though. The team is still 7-3 heading into their off seek, and they have a one-game lead on the Dolphins. That is right, folks, the Dolphins.

Tue has played well. Especially in the past two games. I still trust Josh Allen a bit more for now. He is surrounded by better players in Diggs and Cole Beasley, who had 11 catches for 109 yards yesterday. He also has Devin Singletary and Zack Moss in the run game. Neither defense is excellent. Both are getting a little better, though. When it comes to late-season games in weather, Buffalo will also be more set up for success. So, I give them the edge.

This and the NFC West will be fun divisions to watch for the rest of the season. Unlike the NFC East, all of the teams involved in the races are teams we would want to see in the playoffs. The Bills and Dolphins would be fun to see how far they have come. As for the Seahawks, Cardinals, and even the Rams? It will just be exciting to see who prevails. Although the winner may come out bruised and battered.

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