Week 11 Review: Thanksgiving Thoughts

By: Dominick Petrillo

As we all struggle through the most challenging year most of us have faced, we turn to Thanksgiving. A day to give thanks for all things we do have in our lives. Whether it be your loved ones or anything else, we all need to be positive during these turbulent times.

With this in mind, this article is simple this week. It is just a list of things in the football world that I am thankful for this year.

Alex Smith: It is so great to see Smith back on the field. After an injury that almost took his life, it is simply amazing to know he is now healthy and playing football again.

Bad Teams: As an Eagles fan, it is incredible to see the NFC division is still up for grabs even though no teams have more than three wins through 10 games. Lousy football is not always good. But sometimes it can be fun. Or at least funny.

Family: Whether it be the tragic loss James White suffered or the recent passing of Josh Allen’s grandmother, this year, more than most, has shown what is enormously essential. Family. I lost my cousin to COVID in April. He was a young, healthy, 34-year old man who felt sick, laid down, and never woke up. Remember who you have when they are around. And always be thankful for the people who are still there for you.

Amazing Games: As per Adam Schefter, this is the first time in NFL history where there has been a comeback of at least 13 points in the first 11 weeks of a season. This is showing us the teams are more balanced throughout the league than ever before. Coming into the past week, 11 teams had a record of 6-3. Include the Buccaneers from the week prior, and we had 12. Let us hope it keeps going in future seasons.

Las Vegas Raiders: Look, the league is better when the Raiders are viable. Not to mention, as bad as the Chargers and Broncos are playing, it is good to see a team who can at least compete with the Chiefs in the division.

The Community: Many members of the fantasy football community have helped me as I try to get to my dream. A job in football. Not only members of the fantasy community, though. There are great and beautiful people both working for teams and in NFL media, and I genuinely thank you all for everything you have helped me with. I am more thankful than any of you can ever know.

And I am going to finish with a special one:

Chris Wesseling: Through your determination to battle cancer, I find my determination. As I deal with my blindness and myriad other ailments, I see you, newly married and father to Link pushing through all of your pain. Doing all you can for your entire family.

I cannot ever know what it is like to have a family. But I draw inspiration from you every time I listen to the podcast and talk with you. Whether it be on the podcast and I hear how strong you are to push through, or if you are not on the pod and I know the pain you are feeling. It draws more determination from me to finally fulfill my dreams of making it to where you are. Keep pressing forward, and I will keep reaching out in support. One day, we will both be working together. And together, we can show so many others what can be accomplished when you overcome an obstacle that has been placed in the way. So again, Thank you, Chris.

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