Week 12 Review: Late Season Primer

By: Dominick Petrillo

Now is the time when championships are won, especially in fantasy leagues.

With Week 13 being the final week before playoffs, many teams are fighting for the final few spots in the dance. More than this, there are your rivals to keep out of the playoffs. If you are lucky, you can do both.

As we all know, you do not win the championship at your draft. The injuries to Christian McCaffrey, Saquon Barkley, and Michael Thomas have shown us that anything can and does happen during a year. It is the moves you make during the year which have gotten you to this point. Were you able to draft Justin Herbert? Did you pick up Chase Claypool early in the campaign? These are the moves that really make the difference.

Moving forward, we need to continue to look at the matchups and decide what moves to make and what players to trust.

As difficult as it is to think, you cannot really trust Alvin Kamara right now. James Conner is on the COVID list. And Lamar Jackson? We will not get into his disappointing season. Needless to say, there are better options. Whether this is Latavius Murray, D’Andre Swift, or Kirk Cousins, you need to do what is required to keep playing.

We saw just this week that the Seattle defense is getting better. They got to Carson Wentz to the tune of six sacks and held Philadelphia to single-digit points until a last-second hail Mary. Now they look like a great matchup going forward. In coming weeks, they play both New York teams in the Giants, without Daniel Jones, and the Jets, led by Sam Darnold. They also get to play the Washington Football Team. Their playoff schedule is excellent. Not to mention, they need to keep winning to stay ahead in their division.

I am not telling you anything you should not already know. If you have played fantasy football for even one season, you know fortunes can change on a dime. Out of the playoff, the hunt can turn to in the playoffs, and so on. Make sure you prepare yourself for the following week. Play chess while others are playing checkers, and you might just get checkmate.

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