Week 13 Review: The Fantasy MVP

By: Dominick Petrillo

All the talk of the NFL MVP starts after Thanksgiving. This is also the time to think about the fantasy MVP.

There is talk, of course, of Alvin Kamara and Dalvin Cook. Those names are nice and all, but they were also drafted in the first round for a reason. Not to mention, in the case of Kamara, he has cooled significantly as of late.

When it comes to others in the discussion, there is really no one worthy in such a strange season. Oh wait, there is one name. He was drafted as the QB 8. And was left for dead by many people coming into the season. His team did not even draft a weapon for him in April. Instead, they drafted his replacement after trading up. Yes, Aaron Rodgers is the fantasy MVP. He showed it again this past week in a game against an overmatched Eagles team.

Through 12 games, including a dud against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rodgers already has 36 passing TD. This is only one less than Lamar Jackson had last season when he led the league with 37. He also became the fastest QB to 400 TD passes. Doing so in game number 197. What other record did he set this season? He became the first QB ever with five seasons of 35 or more TD passes in a career. Maybe the most impressive stat is that even though he throws the ball. Even though he has so many TD passes. He has still only thrown 88 interceptions in his career. The man is a machine and possibly the most talented QB of all-time.

Having the likes of Jordy Nelson and Davante Adams as your WR 1 is undoubtedly helpful. Finally, having a run game with Aaron jones to lean on is also great, but Rodgers is the straw that stirs the drink. Even after turning 37 just last week, Rodgers seems to be at the top of his game. I said it this offseason, and I will repeat it now. You do not want to get Aaron Rodgers angry. You will not like him when he is angry. This has come true this season for sure. Through 12 games, he already has five with at least four TD passes. A sixth such game could quickly come Sunday against an overmatched Detroit Lions defense.

Just two seasons ago, many detractors were trying to leave Rodgers for dead. He has come back time after time. Whether it be after injury or a seemingly down season, he has come back. Another one of his patented 40 TD and four interceptions seasons is yet again on the horizon. Only this time, he was not drafted in the first or second round of fantasy drafts. He is now going in the fifth-round or later and behind the younger, up and coming stars of the next decade. But the era of Rodgers is not quite at an end. Patrick Mahomes is excellent. But he has the best tight end in the MFL. He also has Tyrek Hill and a litany of other players at the WR position. Rodgers has Adams and not much else in the passing game. When comparing the two players, Mahomes may be the next Rodgers. The most talented QB of the next 20 years. Much the way Rodgers is and has been of the past 20. But Rodgers is still here. And this season? He is still the MVP. Both Fantasy and NFL.

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