Week 14 Review

By: Dominick Petrillo

They Were Good on Paper

What a disaster Week 14 was. It started off with a terrible Thursday night game and continued to get worse from there.

Even the games which were earmarked as good somehow disappointed. From Pittsburgh at Buffalo to Minnesota at Tampa Bay, what a week. And the worst part of all? The fantasy output.

Sure, Derrick Henry had 215 yards and two TD. Jonathan Taylor finally broke out with 150 yards and two TD as well. And of course, Davante Adams had a monster game. But what about the guys who we expected to who were not taken in the first or second-round of fantasy drafts.

James Robinson has been having a monster rookie season. Tennessee has been exploited on defense all season. This was a smash spot for him. Big flop. Aaron Jones was supposed to have another 43-point fantasy week like he did in the first game against the Lions. Instead, he ended up with only 76 yards rushing. Sure, the Packers won, and Aaron Rodgers is the MVP but think about the important stuff. The fantasy points.

If this season has taught us anything it has taught us that nothing is certain. Latavius Murray was a great play with Taysom Hill in. He ended up with only five touches in the loss to Philadelphia. Make sure you start up Adam Thielen and Justin Jefferson this week. Tampa Bay gives up more deep passes than anyone else. The Buccaneers are also last over the past month against the fantasy WR position. Thielen and Jefferson combined for only seven catches and likely cost you your playoff matchup. Another bad break. And so, it goes.

2020 is a different type of year. This is true just as much in the fantasy football world as it is in the real world. While fantasy football is just a game and does not matter in the long run, we use it as an escape. And with bad beats and playoff exits like this? Can we please get to 2021 and beyond already?

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