Week 15 Review: Hurts so Bad

By; Dominick Petrillo

Everyone is going to be talking about the Steelers and Rams laying an egg against bad competition.

Others will be talking about the great matchup between the Chiefs and Saints in New Orleans. I am going to talk about the other huge story this week. Jalen Hurts.

Is he for real? This is still too soon to be decided. Although if you ask Eagles fans, he is the next hall of fame QB. Despite this, the rest of us need to worry about reality and less about blind hopefulness. He has been legitimately great for sure. For fantasy, in particular, he has been a gold mine over the past two games. Can we expect it to continue is the question. Going into championship games, can we trust to play him? Yes.

Not only did Hurts shred the Saints for 106 rush yards on 18 carries, but he also followed it up with an even better game against a worse Cardinals defense. In this game, he managed 63 rushing yards but still managed a TD rush. He showed his passing ability, though. He raised his pass yards from 167 to 328 while also going from one pass TD to having three against Arizona. The Eagles have to win out if they have any chance at the playoffs. The first of these wins will have to come against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. Beating the weakened 49ers does not make Dallas a good team. Their defense played well, but it is far from a good defense. Hurts, unlike Nick Mullens, will be able to move out of the pocket and make things happen. 100 yards rushing again in this one is not out of the question. This time though, it will also come with more pass yards and passing TD.

Miles Sanders, Dallas Goedert, and yes, even Jalen Reagor are wonderful plays in an easy matchup.

I am not saying the Eagles are guaranteed to win. We saw what can happen just this past week. Win or lose, though, points will be had. And all of those points will start from the legs and arm of Hurts—a comfortable top eight QB this week against the Cowboys.

Doug Peterson is trying to save his job. It might be too little too late. I honestly hope it is because his message just is not working anymore. But he is doing his best. This means finally going to his electrifying rookie and even getting Miles Sanders involved.

If you are in your championship game this week, do not hesitate to start up Jalen Hurts. He can lead you to a championship. Just like Eagles fans are hoping he leads them to an improbable playoff berth.