Week 3 Review: Ready Player One

Dominick Petrillo

Week 3 Review: Ready Player One


Coming into this crazy season, no one knew what to expect. Through three games, it is clear; the offenses are better than the defenses, and that leads to exciting games. Unless you are a defense-minded person, it also means video game-like numbers from some quarterbacks. The first one we need to talk about is, of course, Russell Wilson.

Thanks to Peter King, everyone knows Wilson has never received an MVP vote. With his play so far, this will undoubtedly change in 2020. Not all of his outstanding play is due to his own abilities. Most of it is, of course, the fact Seattle has a putrid defense means a lot as well. This defense got worse in Week 3 with the injury to Jamal Adams. The star safety brought in from the Jets had two of the team’s three sacks coming into their matchup against the Cowboys. His presence will be severely missed, and the Seahawks will rely even more heavily on the offense.

Another significant injury for the team was Chris Carson. In a play that was clearly a cheap shot, Carson was injured in the fourth quarter of the win against Dallas. Tyler Lockett and DK Metcalf look to be the top WR duo in the NFL. Had Metcalf not had a lazy moment, they would have combined for five TD this week. This would have also meant Wilson would have extended his record of 14 TD in the first three games to 15. Incredible numbers on an offense most thought would remain as run-heavy as any in the NFL. It looks like they are finally letting Russell Wilson cook.

Another must-watch is the opponent of Russell Wilson this past week. Dak Prescott became only the second QB in league history to throw at least 450 yards in two straight games. This came only a week after becoming the first-ever QB to throw for 450 yards and have three rush TD in one came. Prescott wanted his new contract this off-season. He did not get it, and he will make Jerry Jones pay up for it with his current play.

Last season, Prescott lessened his rushing a bit. It hurt the team as they only went 8-8. This season it has gone back up. More so out of necessity than want. The offensive line is a shamble. Travis Frederick is retired, and Tyron Smith has missed the season thus far. This has left Prescott vulnerable to the pass rush. As he is forced to flee the pocket, he is not just running more but also finding his talented group of receivers.

In Week 2 against the Falcons, all three primary Dallas receivers had over 100 yards. New starting tight end, Dalton Schultz, also had 80 yards on nine catches. In Sunday’s loss to Seattle, they got a fourth receiver involved. On his first five catches of his career, Cedric Wilson had 102 yards, and two TD catches. With five options in the passing game, not to mention Ezekiel Elliott, Dallas will score. In a terrible NFC East, they are the best team, and the beneficiary of this will be fantasy managers who have Prescott on their team this season. Now that we talked about some young veterans in Wilson and Prescott. Let us now talk about a hall of fame QB who is returning to their form of a few years ago. This is Aaron Rodgers, of course.

After showing out against the Saints on Sunday night without Davante Adams, it is clear Rodgers is on a mission. Many of us, including myself, pegged Rodgers to have a monster season. Not only was he slighted by the Packers team when they did not take a wide receiver in a historic draft for the position. They also moved up in the first round to draft his potential replacement in Jordan Love. Aaron Rodgers said all the right things leading up to the season.  Anyone who knows Rodgers knows he was mad. And a furious Aaron Rodgers is a dangerous Aaron Rodgers. He has come out clicking so far this season.

In the first three weeks of the season, Rodgers has completed 67% of his passes for 887 yards, nine TD and zero interceptions. The Offenses in the NFC North seem to be much better than the defenses. As it is in the rest of the league. This means numbers will be aplenty for Rodgers going forward. He will continue to compile stats all season and lead Green Bay back to a division title and the playoffs.

Any three of these players have a chance to win the league MVP along with a few others. It honestly seems to be the year of the quarterback in the NFL. Besides the players already mentioned, Josh Allen has played out of his mind, not to mention the last two league MVPs in Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes. This season will be a historic offensive explosion. The injuries which affect both sides of the ball will hinder defenses much more than offenses. If you lucked out and got one of these players in your fantasy drafts, you are sitting pretty. So sit back and enjoy the onslaught of offense. As for you, defense-minded people. Maybe next season.

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