Week 5 Review: The Injury

Week 5 Review: The Injury

There was a lot we could talk about. The Raiders upsetting the Chiefs for one. This, though, would do a disservice to the real headline of the week. And possibly the season. The severe injury to Dak Prescott.

Broadcaster or not, sometimes emotions get involved in life. My first recollection of this was Bob Griese leaving the booth to celebrate with his son after Michigan won the Rose Bowl. Another example happened Sunday under entirely different circumstances.

As soon as Dak went down, Tony Romo, in the booth for CBS, immediately said what we all were thinking. Oh my god. For the rest of the game, you could feel the pain in his voice as he continued on the call. There were times he was choked up, and there were times he apologized for harkening back to it. This is to be expected. As much as they are professionals, they are also human.

I was also affected by this injury. It shows us just how unimportant fantasy football really is. Because of this, this article will be entirely on the injury. Not how it changes the fantasy relevance in Dallas. Not how this could hurt the receivers or help Ezekiel Elliott. It is merely on Dak the person.

Many people have had hard lives growing up. Rayne Dakota Prescott was no different. Already having lost his mom, he then lost his brother to suicide during the pandemic. This lit a fire under Dak to show us that mental struggles are not a weakness. It is something to get help for. Therapy, prescriptions, or other factors can help. The most significant support is precisely what Prescott has tried showing this season. Making it public. Letting it be known that you are not alone in the fight. If a superstar athlete like Prescott can suffer, it is ok for you as well.

I find this comforting myself, knowing the struggles I have gone through in my own life. The battle I have had with depression. The failed suicide attempts and the thoughts which still linger. People need to be more like Dak Prescott and less like Skip Bayless. It does not show immaturity to deal with things. It shows maturity in being able to overcome them. This is what Dak has done.

As Dak deals with his injury, his health will again be tested. His physical health indeed, but also his mental health. Seeing how he comes through this will show the character he has. The leadership he possesses. And I know he will succeed.

As a human, I am rooting for him to get back on the field and be better than ever. As an Eagles fan, the status quo is to dislike Dak. But I do not. Coming from an Eagles fan, I may be the minority, but I hope he does come back better than ever. Whether this means beating Philadelphia for the next decade or if he ends up on a different team. I do not care. I just want him back. He is good for the game and, most importantly, good for normalizing issues too often seen as weakness.

This is a short one this week. It is also vital. Though it has no fantasy content, some things are more important. It is essential not to forget this. Next week, we will be back to talking fantasy. As for now? Just think about how the world is, and remember we need to be better. It starts with reaching across barriers, like an Eagles fan reaching out to the Dallas Cowboys. One person cannot make a change. They can begin a change, though. Let us make it happen. Get Healthy. Come back soon. Most importantly, Stay strong.

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