Will Odell Beckham Jr. Rock in Cleveland?


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Odell Beckham Jr is now a Cleveland Brown.

Players change teams. It is a fact of life. Although fans don’t always like it when their favorite player leaves. Whether it be through a trade, free agency, or being released, the NFL is a business.

This season, one of the most high-profile players in a new city is Odell Beckham Jr. The Browns gave up a lot to get him. But if he brings them to the playoffs and even further, he will be well worth the price. Not only does he go to play with a quarterback in Baker Mayfield who is on the ascent. He also gets to play with one of his best friends and former college teammate, Jarvis Landry. Landry will help to reign in the emotional Beckham with a calming presence. But in Baker Mayfield, he has found a kindred spirit who is the polar opposite from Eli Manning.

Is Nick Chubb as good as Saquon Barkley? No. But this is where the deficiencies stop when it comes to comparisons between the two teams. It is funny to think the Browns are the more stable franchise. But with Dave Gettleman in charge in New York, this is entirely possible to be the case for the near future. With stars like Miles Garrett and Denzel Ward anchoring the defense, it will be on the offense to provide enough points to win this division. A task they should be totally in line to achieve.

Not only do they have the likes of Mayfield, Chubb, and Landry but David Njoku is a solid tight end as well as the addition of Kareem Hunt at mid-season. Even with all these weapons, Odell Beckham will still be the man in the Cleveland offense. Analysts like Matthew Berry can at least see the potential of the number one fantasy season coming from a wide receiver. Maybe this isn’t likely, but it’s probable. Other analysts like Mike Beller of The Athletic, although not going quite as far does have Beckham as his WR one as well as Baker Mayfield as his QB one. This is the type of talent we are talking about on the Cleveland roster. A QB one WR one duo is not out of the question.

The stat everyone has thrown around this offseason is that Beckham has actually missed more career games than Sammy Watkins. Technically this is true. But this includes an entire season missed due to a broken leg. This is a fluke injury and not one which looks to be repeatable. Even in only 12 games last season, in a terrible offense and a worse quarterback, OBJ still compiled 77 receptions for 1,052 yards and six touchdowns on 124 targets.

The 10 targets a game is a reasonable number which he could again achieve in Cleveland. Even if the number goes down a few, the accuracy of Mayfield and the volume of which the offense will be on the field will more than make up for it. This makes him well worth the first or second round price you need to spend on him to get him on your fantasy roster. I am going to have him as much as possible.

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